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    Get to Know Desdemona & Medea

    One of most unique traits of A Noise Within is our dedication to rotating repertory theatre, where several plays alternate on our stage and where our actors create an artistic muscularity from juggling different worlds and aesthetics and characters at once. This season, one such example is Angela Gulner, who plays Desdemona in Othello and Medea…

  • A Noise Within

    Meet the Women of Othello

    We love hearing from you, the audience member, about what you thought of our productions – including Othello. Recently, some of you noticed how several roles traditionally cast as men are played by women in our production and you wanted to hear from the cast about their experience. Today, we’re bringing your questions to our actors and…

  • A Noise Within

    “Give Me the Ocular Proof”: Doubt and Racism in Shakespeare’s Othello

    By Dr. Miranda Johnson-Haddad William Shakespeare’s Othello has long been considered to be one of the playwright’s four greatest tragedies. As is the case with virtually all of Shakespeare’s plays, the plot of Othello was not invented by Shakespeare; its source is a story written by an Italian author named Giraldi Cinthio that was published…

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    INsiders Recap: Othello

    On February 13th, 2019 we were thrilled to have Dr. Amy Kenny, a Shakespearean Scholar and dramaturg, return to speak at our first INsiders meeting of the year on Othello! Dr. Kenny attended the University of Sussex, where she received her PhD in early modern literature and culture. Her thesis focused on Shakespeare’s medical representation…

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    Q&A with Military Consultant Jack LaZebnik

    A unique part of our rendition of Othello is that even though the language is Shakespeare, Venice stands in for Washington D.C. and Cypress for Afghanistan, and the characters are in modern military uniform. Director Jessica Kubzansky wanted our representation of the military to be as authentic as possible, which is why we have CPT Jack…

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    Celebrate Black History Month: Ira Aldridge as Othello

    Black History Month celebrates black culture, black power, and black legacy throughout our world history, whether it be in politics or in literature or in the arts. With our production of Othello, the Shakespearean tragedy of a black male protagonist, now opening on our stage, we wanted to recognize the legacy of artists of color…

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    Behind the Scenes: Our Spring Season Photo Shoots

    Get sneak peeks to our spring lineup! Come behind the scenes with us for our three photo shoots and explore the the preliminary visions of Othello, The Glass Menagerie, and Argonautika, and learn how they will translate to the live stage. Thwarted love erupts tenfold in Shakespeare’s visceral, intimate tragedy of Othello – tearing apart friends, partners, lovers – and…

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    Jessica Kubzansky’s Director’s Note for Othello

    For me, Othello is a story about the terrible power of love when it is thwarted. For all its broader social and political messages, this play is also a small, deeply personal story about two men who have battled together, have had each other’s backs, and have been brothers through the wars together. It is…