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Noise Now

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Noise Now is an opportunity to expand our family by engaging with our neighboring communities and peer organizations. Noise Now is more than an audience development initiative – it is a commitment to being a great neighbor, to building relationships with audiences and artists, and to demonstrating our eagerness to listen well and respond courageously.

Noise Now is an enhanced commitment to being of service to all audiences. We aim to illuminate and activate underrepresented populations, communities of color, young people, and all others not equitably represented at the theatre. In addition, we are activating non-traditional or underutilized spaces throughout the A Noise Within campus. We are excited to challenge ourselves, identify how disruptive we can push to be, and commit to making decisions “with” – as opposed to “for” – our audiences.

By expanding our artistry to include dance, music, art installations, non-traditional theatre and beyond, we are opening our home to audiences new to theatre and new to us, in addition to facilitating work that illuminates overlap between our mission and the missions of our collaborators.

By hosting increasingly inclusive events and pursuing partnerships with peer organizations, we aim to expand our reach and diversify our offerings. This is an opportunity to listen to our neighbors, identify who’s not in the room, and hold ourselves accountable to being flexible and working differently where appropriate.

Join us as we re-introduce ourselves, as we go outside our comfort zone, and as we ask how we can be of service to our neighborhood.


Lineage Performing Arts Center’s CEILING IN THE FLOOR • February 25 at 7pm

Choreography by Lineage Artistic Director Hilary Thomas
Music and lyrics by Brandon Toh
Directed by Marisa Echeverria

Ceiling In The Floor is a dance-theater piece that explores the true story of a friendship bound up in art, music and mental illness. Through journal entries, songs, dances, letters and a manual for suicide risk assessment, we learn about Hilary and Brandon’s devoted friendship, their mutual love of music, and their struggles to grow together and apart as they balance the pressures of college, life, and Brandon’s increasingly apparent manic depression. Read more.

Carolina Caycedo’s COSMOTARRAYAS • February 12 – April 14

Curated by Canan Cem

Noise Now celebrates the installation of the contemporary art exhibit, Cosmotarrayas, by Los Angeles artist Carolina Caycedo in the theatre’s main lobby. The exhibition is a series of hanging sculptures assembled with handmade fishing nets collected during the artist’s field research in riverine communities affected by the privatization of water. The nets are intertwined with a variety of objects that Caycedo acquires in a range of locales or that come from her personal archive. Some of the nets were given to the artist by friends or acquaintances in the sites she visits, while others were purchased in local markets or commissioned by the artist. The Cosmotarrayas works are embodiments of people the artist has met during her travels and their stories of dispossession and resistance; the series operates as a connector between Caycedo’s activism and community involvement and her studio practice. Read more.

SWAN Day • March 23 at 2:30pm

Presented by LA Female Playwrights Initiative and A Noise Within with the participation of actors and directors from local theater companies, the day will include readings of short plays by Elizabeth Bluth, Victoria Goring, Leelee Jackson, Starina Johnson, and Penny Peyser as well as a number of 1-page Micro-Reads, plus time to eat, drink, and connect with female artists for future collaborations – the perfect way to Support Women Artists NOW! Read more.

AMERICAN MOOR • March 27 at 7pm

Written and performed by Keith Hamilton Cobb
Directed by Kim Weild

Join us on March 27 at 7pm for a truly unique, one-night-only event: A ticketed presentation of Keith Hamilton Cobb’s award-winning solo play, American Moor, on the set of ANW’s Othello! A poetic exploration of the experience and perspective of black men in America through the metaphor of William Shakespeare’s eponymous black hero. Read more.

Mercedes Dorame’s THE LAND UPON WHICH YOU STAND • April 18 – June 9

Curated by Canan Cem

Noise Now opens its second art exhibit in April with the work of Mercedes Dorame (Gabrielino-Tongva tribe) who uses photography as a way to explore, reimagine, and connect to her tribal culture and bring visibility to contemporary indigenous experience. The Tongva were the first people in what is now Los Angeles, and their territory covered the expanse from Malibu to San Bernardino to Aliso Creek. Dorame activates Tongva land using organic materials, such as sage, ochre, cinnamon, feathers, quartz, and the skins of coyotes and foxes to create moments of vitality. Using symbolic, ceremonial objects projected to be around 75,000 years old, Dorame has created a way for her ancestors who have been disturbed and unearthed by developers to ascend into the sky and rest once again. Read more.

Trans Chorus of Los Angeles & Celebration Theatre’s  TRANSISTER RADIO • April 24 at 7pm

TranSister Radio is a collective of artists in the Trans community bringing awareness, art, and culture of the Trans-narrative perspective.  Trans Women, Trans Men, Gender Non Conforming/Gender Non Binary and Intersex artists, lending their voices and talents to show the plethora of artistic expression through song, spoken word, dance, and so much more.  Join Trans Chorus of Los Angeles (the first all Trans identified Chorus in the United States, according to GALA Chorus), gender non-conforming hostx MJ Brown aka Miss Barbie Q (artist/writer/drag queen entertainer) and many more.  This will be an evening of art and edutainment. We are proud to present the first Trans-Identified entertainment event in the San Gabriel Valley. Read more.

Ate9 Dance Company’s 1 TO 3 • May 20 at 7pm

“1 to 3” is a series of solos, duets, and trios in an intimate setting that allows the dancers and Ate9 Artistic Director Danielle Agami to meet the audience both formally and informally. The performers’ embodiment of Agami’s signature mix of technical precision, vulnerability, and off-beat humor is juxtaposed with opportunities for audience members to ask questions and become more familiarized with Ate9’s rich contemporary dance work. Read more.


A timely comedy about those of us who ride the edge between the culture of our immigrant parents and the culture of our home, America. Every ethnicity can relate to the feeling that their parents and families are a little “weird” (that’s a nice word) during the holidays when compared to the traditional American Christmases fed to us on TV. Three comedian friends: Sandra Valls (Showtime’s “Latin Divas of Comedy”) Maria Russell (MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) and Diana Yanez (Margaret Cho’s “Sensuous Woman”) show us with their personal tales that every family has its own hilarious peculiarities, everyone wants to belong, and every one, regardless of their background, has a hard time at some point in their life. Read more.

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Noise Now is providing rehearsal space and other resources to foster the development of new work and to build allyship with peer organizations. Read more.