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THE THREE-FIFTHS PROJECT • September 22 – November 16

An exhibition by photographer Ibarionex Perello
Presented with Pasadena Photography Arts

Inspired by August Wilson’s play, Gem of the Ocean, The Three-Fifths Project explores the legacy of slavery and institutional racism. The photographs reflect the perpetual sense of tension, anxiety and insecurity faced by men and women of color, while also evoking the sense of bloodline and legacy. The title is derived from the Three-Fifths Compromise in the US. Constitution, a conceit that not only claimed that blacks were less than human, but that their value was measured by how they benefited the wealth, power and prosperity of white males.

DIWALI BLOCK PARTY • October 26 at 4:30pm

A Festival of Lights Celebration
Presented with MKM Bollystars Dance Company

Celebrate Diwali! – The Festival of Lights! Heralding the New Year, Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in India. Featuring live, outdoor performances by MKM Bollystars Dance Company, tasty culinary treats, and the opportunity to participate in a community art installation, join us on the front lawn for a celebratory afternoon for all ages! Read more about Diwali Block Party.


A SAD TALE’S BEST FOR WINTER • A Feminist adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale • November 17 at 6:30pm

A staged reading by Anna Miles
Presented with Beating of Wings: An Artist Collective

Is it possible to move forward – and to heal – in moments when catastrophic violence can’t be erased with forgiveness? With a merging of new and classic language, and through song, dance, and spoken word, A Sad Tale’s Best for Winter explores this question by interrupting and disrupting Shakespeare’s text. This new play brings the story into a world where a new generation struggles to undo the centuries of fear, pain, and violence in the hopes of creating a new, better world.

ROOM BY THE SEA • December 7 at 7:30pm

A staged reading by John Guerra
Presented with Coin & Ghost Theatre Company

Based on the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, Room By The Sea is a story you know. It is a story of parents, children, class, and coming of age – but it is also a story of monsters. The king of an island nation has a secret, and it is one that can only be described as monstrous.


Presented with Latino Theater Company

A timely comedy about those of us who ride the edge between the culture of our immigrant parents and the culture of our home, America. Every ethnicity can relate to the feeling that their parents and families are a little “weird” (that’s a nice word) during the holidays when compared to the traditional American Christmases fed to us on TV. Three comedian friends: Sandra Valls (Showtime’s “Latin Divas of Comedy”) Maria Russell (MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) and Diana Yanez (Margaret Cho’s “Sensuous Woman”) show us with their personal tales that every family has its own hilarious peculiarities, everyone wants to belong, and every one, regardless of their background, has a hard time at some point in their life. Read more about Latina Christmas Special.

WICKED LIT • December 15 at 6:30pm

Presented with Unbound Productions

Staged readings of three chilling classic stories:

From Beyond, adapted by Trey Nichols, from the story by H.P. Lovecraft
The Unholy Sisters, by Susannah Myrvold, inspired by “The Malleus Maleficarum” by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger
The Grove of Rashomon, adapted by Jonathan Josephson, from the short story “In A Grove” by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Stories of darkness and horror are as old humanity, and just as universal. Journey with us through three short plays inspired by the darker side of storytelling – meet a scientist who has broken through a new plane of existence in a Lovecraftian thriller; take a journey alongside a fanatical Medieval inquisitor on his hapless search for witches; and travel to 13th Century Japan to relive a haunting, harrowing tale of violence from a multitude of perspectives.

BALLAD OF HAINT BLUE • December 22 at 6:30pm

By Roxie Perkins
Co-Directed by Taylor Greenthal
A staged reading presented with Pasadena Mental Health Advisory Committee & Project Sister Family Services

In order to make sense of the violence that seems to follow them wherever they go, a young, single mom teaches her daughter a murder ballad that was passed down to her from her own mother about a monster that can climb inside of anyone and make them “bad.” Told in a non-linear structure with interwoven songs, Ballad of Haint Blue explores the weight of generational trauma and how far people will go to protect their families from the monsters of the world– including themselves.

ANOTHER PERFECT DAY • January 25 at 8pm

A world premiere opera presented with LA Opera

More details coming soon!


Noise Now is providing rehearsal space and other resources to foster the development of new work and to build allyship with peer organizations. Read more.


See a list of our past Noise Now events here.

Noise Now is an opportunity to expand our family by engaging with our neighboring communities and peer organizations. Noise Now is more than an audience development initiative – it is a commitment to being a great neighbor, to building relationships with audiences and artists, and to demonstrating our eagerness to listen well and respond courageously.

Noise Now is an enhanced commitment to being of service to all audiences. We aim to illuminate and activate underrepresented populations, communities of color, young people, and all others not equitably represented at the theatre. In addition, we are activating non-traditional or underutilized spaces throughout the A Noise Within campus. We are excited to challenge ourselves, identify how disruptive we can push to be, and commit to making decisions “with” – as opposed to “for” – our audiences.

By expanding our artistry to include dance, music, art installations, non-traditional theatre and beyond, we are opening our home to audiences new to theatre and new to us, in addition to facilitating work that illuminates overlap between our mission and the missions of our collaborators.

By hosting increasingly inclusive events and pursuing partnerships with peer organizations, we aim to expand our reach and diversify our offerings. This is an opportunity to listen to our neighbors, identify who’s not in the room, and hold ourselves accountable to being flexible and working differently where appropriate.

Join us as we re-introduce ourselves, as we go outside our comfort zone, and as we ask how we can be of service to our neighborhood.

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