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    That’s a Wrap at Summer with Shakespeare!

    We had a blast this year at Summer with Shakespeare at A Noise Within! This ever-growing program seeks to engage and educate young artists, while inspiring both an understanding and a passion for Shakespeare and the performing arts. This summer we had a record 150 students who enjoy numerous classes including voice, movement, acting, stage…

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    Family Night with the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools

    This spring, ANW has been delighted to work with students from Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles. ANW’s Education team hosted a series of workshops on campus, teaching students about everything from set design to Shakespearean acting, sword work, and costume design. Then on the night of February 16th, 350 students and their family…

  • A Noise Within

    Trivia: ANW Artists Who Started as Students

    Look what we found! It’s a 2012 press clip from the Pasadena Sun about Summer With Shakespeare at A Noise Within. Look closer, and you’ll see a 12-year-old Seven Pierce-English getting into some mask work. Five years later, and Seven has grown up (as an artist, and in height)! In fact, you’ve seen him most recently on…

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    Interview: How Youth Acting Classes Led to Stage Time in ‘Tale’

    Faith Boeke’s professional theatrical debut is this season in A Tale of Two Cities as a member of the mob. This past summer, she was a student participating in Summer With Shakespeare at A Noise Within, which gave her the courage to audition and get cast in a show for the 17|18 season! We talked to…

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    Getting young adults involved at ANW!

    Written by Education Associate Michael McClain What is YAC? YAC (pronounced like ‘Yak’) is the Young Adult Council, and it has been a part of the ANW’s community for the past 4 years. This year, however, we are looking to grow and expand in new and exciting ways. For many of you who don’t know,…

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    Gearing Up for School With Educator Extravaganza!

    Our Educator Extravaganza kicked off the school year with a bang! Over 40 educators took part in a FREE, full-day event of professional development that included text-based workshops, acting workshops, movement workshops, a preview of our entire season performed by our incredible Resident Artists, and a carnival full of food and prizes! “The Educators’s Workshop on…

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    Summer with Shakespeare was a success!

    Our Summer with Shakespeare program at a Noise Within seeks to educate young minds and help them to develop an understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare and the performing arts. During camp, students work on movement, stage combat, voice, acting, design and more.    Our camp directors and instructors aim to educate by putting the focus on…

  • A Noise Within

    Bringing King Lear to life: Pilot workshops for the students of Garfield High School

    Here at A Noise Within, we produce classic plays to tell universal human stories—and we strongly believe that students are the key to developing a future generation of creative and empowered theatre artists who will carry our tradition. Annually, more than 16,000 students attend ANW productions, but this past March, with the support of the…

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    Teacher Feature: Why I bring my students to ANW

    Leslie Klipstein, a teacher at Arcadia High School, writes about her journey to bring her students to A Noise Within. Read on to discover why Leslie believes in the power of live theatre for students, and why reading plays in the classroom doesn’t always cut it.  I’ve been attending A Noise Within since they were housed…

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    Thank you, Educators!

    Dear Educators, Happy Holidays! It is amazing that this Fall is already coming to a close, and as we reflect on 2016, we want to reach out and thank YOU, the teachers, professors, and school administrators without whom our work would not be possible. Over the past four months, we have seen thousands of students…

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