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  • A Noise Within

    Insiders Recap: Frankenstein

    Written by Rebecca Wilson Here at A Noise Within, we were very excited to kick off our new season of Insiders sessions with our discussion of Frankenstein on August 27th. Our guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Fuson Wang of the University of California Riverside, who specializes in British Romantic Literature and happens to…

  • A Noise Within

    Q&A with Frankenstein Scenic Designer François-Pierre Couture

    If you’re curious about the magic behind the world of Frankenstein, look no further! Scenic Designer François-Pierre Couture shares about his experience and inspiration in designing for our production – from mirrored boxes to wood beams to radical set transformations. What attracted you to Frankenstein? What is most intriguing to you about this story? The most…

  • A Noise Within

    Frankenstein First Rehearsal Recap

    “Who here has read Mary Shelley’s original novel Frankenstein?” This was Director Michael Michetti’s opening question to the cast and crew at Frankenstein‘s first rehearsal. Some hands went up, but some didn’t. “That’s okay, you weren’t expected to,” said Michetti. “Not everyone has read it, so there are a lot of misconceptions about the story.”…

  • A Noise Within

    First Look at Frankenstein

    A scientist and a Creature walk into a photo studio… It’s a face-off for the Victorian age! In our Frankenstein photo shoot, Kasey Mahaffy and Michael Manuel came together for the first time as Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, along with director Michael Michetti. Our concept for the shoot explored the dualities of creator and creation,…