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Paddle Raise

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Exciting news! This year we have a matching donation for our most needed paddle level – $400 to Adopt a Bus. You donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 thanks to friend and longtime ANW Edu Supporter Dr. Richard R. Green!


$15,000 | Dick & Sally Roberts

$10,000 | Dr. Richard R. Green

$5,000 | William & Priscilla Kennedy

$5,000 | Pat & Sandy Gage

$5,000 | Sheila & Alan Lamson

$3,000 | Julie & Lance Markowitz

$2,500 | Bill & Claire Bogaard

$2,400 | Liz & Rhodes Trussell

$1,650 | Armando Gonzalez & Brenda Berg

$1,000 | David & Julianne Worrell, in Honor of Margaret Sedenquist

$1,000 | Diana Sedenquist & Jack Fisher, in Honor of Margaret Sedenquist

$1,000 | John & Ginny Cushman

$1,000 | Molly & Peter Bachmann

$1,000 | Miranda Johnson-Haddad & Mark Haddad

$1,000 | Terri Murray

$1,000 | Kathy & Jim Drummy

$1,000 | Becky Doody in Memory of Jack Doody

$1,000 | Ann Steinmetz


Raise Your Paddle

Welcome to our virtual Paddle Raise!

A staple of our annual gala, the Paddle Raise is one of our most effective ways to raise funds for our Education Program. Read below to see what a paddle raise is, why it matters to ANW, and how to take part. Then scroll down to see giving levels and get involved! We even added a leaderboard, so you can compete with your friends—and of course, all donations are fully tax-deductible.


Throughout California and around the world, parents and teachers are rapidly trying to adapt to a world of digital learning. This task would be challenging enough on its own, but is exponentially more daunting when paired with a financial crisis and lack of available resources. In this time of anxiety and isolation, the need for the arts, for robust Social Emotional Learning programs, is greater than ever. Empathy, communication, leadership, collaboration, creative problem-solving — these are the skills young people will need to survive and thrive, not only in a quarantined world, but for whatever lies in store for them once the pandemic is over. It is imperative that we find ways to engage these students NOW with virtual arts education programs.

This is where you come in.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we are seeking support as we move programming online, finding new and exciting ways to bring theatre arts education to California youth. Students who have been learning from home since last March need support and opportunities, and we intend to bring this robust arts programming into as many homes as possible. Each year, we dedicate one third of our performances and 30% of our operating budget to student audiences—and as a result, we more than doubled the number of students and teachers we serve from 8,000 in 2009 to 18,000 in 2019.

Thank you for believing, as we do, in the transformative power of arts education!


In a year that has required flexibility and resilience above all else, all funds from the Paddle Raise will go towards the areas of greatest need within our Education Department. Below are our typical funding levels, to give you some examples of the impact of your gift.

$10,000 – Sponsor a Relaxed Performance
A Noise Within is proud to offer inclusive and accessible sensory-friendly performances each year for individuals with autism and their families. 

$5,000 – Present a Student Matinee
Sponsor a weekday matinee performance for over 350 students (a fully packed theatre). 

$2,500 – Support a School
Enable two classes to attend a student matinee and receive in-class workshops or residencies.

$1,000 – Champion a Class
Subsidize the full cost of a matinee – performance tickets and transportation – for one class.

$500 – Provide a Workshop
Sponsor a three-hour interactive workshop for a class.

$400 – Adopt a Bus
Provide free transportation to and from the theatre for a class.
*Matching Campaign – Dollar for dollar up to $10,000! Sponsored by Dr. Richard R. Green!

Any Amount – Support Education
Every donation helps us reach and support the teachers and students of our community. 

Raise Your Paddle

Please note that this page is being updated manually by ANW’s Development staff; your donation will be added as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thank you!


Jan Sanders Dick & Sally Roberts Dr. Richard R. Green
William & Priscilla Kennedy Bill & Claire Bogaard Liz & Rhodes Trussell
David & Julianne Worrell John & Ginny Cushman Meg Huntington Cajero
Joan Boyett Armando Gonzalez & Brenda Berg Richard Gerber
Sheila & Alan Lamson Julie & Lance Markowitz David & Julia Zuckerman
Diana Sedenquist & Jack Fisher Molly & Peter Bachmann Victoria Degtyareva & Michael Bateman
Elyse Klein Jason King Ryan & Denise Jay
Lisa Byrne Kendra Nitta & Gordon Squires Miranda Johnson-Haddad & Mark Haddad
Cindy Nunes & Barbara Nye Kathy & Jim Drummy Janette Allen
Terri Murray Becky Doody in Memory of Jack Doody Randi Tahara
Ann Steinmetz Patricia Golson & Scott Myers Gail Samuel & Bill Christian
Cathie Sherman Greer Patricia Beauchamp Mishele & Ben Myers
Barbara Burns Jane Schlegel Lawrence & Patricia Sparks
Vickie & Alex Taylor Robert McIntire Jeanne Rankin
Nan Lehnert Kenneth & Gail Jones Nancy Rothwell
Tanya Mink & James Collier Anne Johnson  

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Please contact our Development staff if you need assistance making your contribution or navigating the Virtual Gala. Due to the coronavirus closure, our staff is working remotely and can be reached on their mobile devices:

Development Director, Patti Anne Miller: (817) 991-5594
Institutional Giving Manager, Zach Davidson: (303) 517-1529
Development Associate, Cynthia Naideau: (631) 662-5080