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Meet Jorge & Lupe Uribe

By A Noise Within
January 28, 2020

What’s it like to be a part of A Noise Within’s theatre family? To find out, we sat down with long-time ANW season passholders, Jorge and Lupe Uribe, to chat about their experiences supporting our theatre since the very beginning.

How did you first hear about A Noise Within?

Lupe: A mailing arrived to our home, announcing that the company would stage Shakespeare in Glendale.

What inspired you to become a season passholder? Why did you choose our theatre?

Lupe: We purchased tickets to the first performance after having received the mailer, then purchased tickets to all the remaining performances of that season—we do not recall how many that was. After no more than two or three performances, we knew we would be supporters and audience of ANW. We subscribed to the next season (which may have been ANW’s 2nd) and to every one since.

Jorge: In those days one did not choose the theatre. We went wherever ANW staged plays.

What’s your favorite part about being a passholder?

Lupe: The best part of subscribing is experiencing great theater, period.

Jorge: Currently, the aesthetic experience comes with substantial creature comforts. It is a delightful venue. Parking is very comfortable. The ANW support staff is first rate. The ease of exchanging ticket dates means we never miss any performance (except on account of illnesses).

What’s your favorite production at A Noise Within that you’ve seen so far?

Jorge: We do not have a favorite performance nor a least liked one. We have attended dozens of excellent productions at ANW, and dozens of extraordinary, almost breathtaking productions. Excellence is the norm, but it is often surpassed and very rarely missed.

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

Jorge: We expect to continue to enjoy excellent and extraordinary theater.

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