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Meet Andrea & Brian

By A Noise Within
May 13, 2020

Andrea and Brian have been longtime fans of A Noise Within, and today Andrea tells us about her experience as a season pass holder.

In these unprecedented times, what inspired you to renew your subscription? Why did you choose our theatre?

Because of the pandemic. The arts need to be supported in any way anyone can afford. We can’t afford a lot, but I thought one way we could do it was through our subscription. We also donated our $20 credit from last season, which isn’t much, but we wanted to contribute. We are building a legacy for our children through the arts. A footprint of who we were so our children can understand how our culture evolved. Anything we can do to make that happen, we’re all in.

I’ve been astounded by the creativity in the staging at A Noise Within. It blows me away and completely transports me to the story every time. The quality has been consistently extraordinary. Sadly, we can only afford to see three shows per season. It’s always a discussion at my house! We negotiate which ones we see, like in every relationship. We decided not to decide until we have to. 

What’s your favorite part about being a season pass holder?

We’ve been FlexPass holders since you started it. It’s in our annual budget. We were called by Box Office to tell us about the new pass, and we love the flexibility of deciding. The FlexPass idea is brilliant! I’m not married to a particular play. I don’t have to decide months and months in advance. A Noise Within is by far the best in terms of flexibility. At other places, you have to decide upfront and you’re locked in.

The Box Office and the ushers have always been accommodating, pleasant, respectful. I’ve never had a bad interaction.  The house manager – it’s like she’s welcoming us into her own home. When we get there, she’s at the door waiting for us and tells us: “Oh, let me walk you and show you where you’re sitting. I hope you enjoy the show.” She’s giving her piece of herself to every person who comes in.

How did you first hear about A Noise Within?

My husband and I are sort of newlyweds. We’re seniors and we’ve been married for 4 years. Brian and his late wife were subscribers for many many years, because he wanted to support local theatre. I was excited when I was introduced to A Noise Within. It’s wonderful to go to a local repertory theater. The depth and variety is so amazing! 

What’s your favorite memory at A Noise Within?

We went to see A Picture of Dorian Gray, and we happened to get there early. We were chatting with the people sitting next to us, and it turned out that one was the mom of one of the principal actors and the other was his husband. I could tell how proud they were of his work. It was so special sitting next to the family watching the actor do his work.

What are you most looking forward to when we re-open?

I can’t wait to go to the theater. I need a real shot of culture – theater, music, opera. I’m missing a lot of it. We’re Zooming a lot, but it’s not the same. I’m looking forward to being able to get dressed up and go to the theater.

Thank you for doing this and for making the effort to collect people’s energies so it can feed all the folks who are working so hard to keep it alive. My thanks to all of them!

A Noise Within is incredibly thankful to have Andrea & Brian with us every year! Our pass holders have sustained and expanded our theatre family through trials and challenges for over twenty years, and we hope you too can show your support by becoming a pass holder or renewing your subscription.

Are you a pass holder who wants to share your story with ANW? Reach out to us at!

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