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Meet Mary & Bill

By A Noise Within
May 18, 2020

Not many can boast about being with A Noise Within since almost the beginning, but Mary and Bill can do exactly that! Join us as Mary recounts their favorite memories at our theatre and why they support us as pass holders to this day.

In these unprecedented times, what inspired you to renew your subscription? Why did you choose our theatre?

Because we have attended and supported ANW for over a quarter century. Renewing the subscription is something we do in the spring. Years ago, when our financial situation was quite different, we made ANW a budget item: mortgage, food, insurance, ANW. We support ANW because, and we’ve said this before, we feel ANW is helping preserve civilization. By performing the classics, audiences are challenged to think about different lives and situations. (I may have it tough right now but the Hamlet kid really has some problems.) Then there’s the educational arm with the student outreach bringing new generations to the theater, which is massively important. Then there’s Insiders with a chance to hear contemporary scholarship. Then there’s Noise Now with the chance to see companies new to us with such diverse viewpoints.

What’s your favorite part about being a season pass holder?

Supporting the company.

How did you first hear about A Noise Within?

Several good reviews in the Times and probably the News Press. I had been looking for a family activity and was shocked to see that a theater group performing the classics in rep was in Glendale.

What’s your favorite memory at A Noise Within?

That’s the equivalent of asking for a favorite child, so here’s a few:

  • Watching a student who had started the evening looking as if he was awaiting his execution and quite determined to have a miserable time roaring with laughter during A Flea in Her Ear.
  • Listening to the entire theater gasp as one when Banquo’s bloody head appeared in the middle of the banquet table.
  • Playing “Where’s the Tulle/Bowler Hat/Umbrella” during productions that [ANW Artistic Director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott] helms.
  • Finally seeing an enactment of The Happy Prince.
  • Seeing James Cromwell regret his decision to offer a hand to Ed Asner at a reading.
  • Michael Manuel’s entrance as the King in Tartuffe sporting a crown, glamour wig, and satin Fleur de Lys pantaloons.

What are you most looking forward to when we re-open?

Seeing familiar faces and waiting for the lights to dim.

A Noise Within is incredibly thankful to have Mary & Bill with us after all this time! Our pass holders have sustained and expanded our theatre family through trials and challenges for over twenty years, and we hope you too can show your support by becoming a pass holder or renewing your subscription.

Are you a pass holder who wants to share your story with ANW? Reach out to us at!

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