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Paddle Raise

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$10,000 | Dick & Sally Roberts

$10,000 | Richard Green

$10,000 | Anonymous

$5,000 | Bill & Priscilla Kennedy

$5,000 | Heather & Paul Haaga

$4,000 | Marianne & Gary Wallace

$3,000 | Elizabeth & Rhodes Trussell

$3,000 | Denise & Ryan Jay

$2,500 | Carol Stone

$2,500 | Sheila & Alan Lamson

$2,500 | Terri Murray

$2,500 | Lyn Spector

$2,500 | Jennifer Diener


Raise Your Paddle

Welcome to our virtual Paddle Raise!

A staple of our annual gala, the Paddle Raise is one of our most effective ways to raise funds for our Education Program. Watch the video below to see our Managing Director, Michael Bateman, explain what a paddle raise is, why it matters to ANW, and how to take part. Then scroll down to see giving levels and get involved! We even added a leaderboard, so you can compete with your friends—and of course, all donations are fully tax-deductible.


According to the California Alliance for Arts Education, student involvement in the arts is linked to better academic performance and higher standardized test scores. Quality arts education also develops creativity and empathy in students, critical skills for a 21st century worker. But despite the clear benefits, arts education remains out of reach for most young Californians.

This is where you come in.

Funding for in-school arts programs has dwindled, but thanks to generous donors like you, our Education Program has grown to fill the void. Each year, we dedicate one third of our performances and 30% of our operating budget to student audiences—and as a result, we more than doubled the number of students and teachers we serve from 8,000 in 2009 to 18,000 in 2019.

Thank you for believing, as we do, in the transformative power of arts education!



$10,000 – Sponsor a Relaxed Performance
A Noise Within is very proud to provide our community with an inclusive and accessible sensory-friendly experience each year for individuals with autism and their families.

$5,000 – Present a Student Matinee
Sponsor the production of a weekday matinee performance for an entire theatre full of 360 students.

$2,500 – Support a School
Enable two classes to attend a student matinee and an in-class workshop or residency.

$1,000 – Champion a Class
Subsidize the full cost of performance tickets and transportation for one class.

$500 – Provide a Workshop
Sponsor a three-hour interactive workshop for one class.

$400 – Adopt a Bus
Provide free transportation or an in-class workshop for one class.

Additionally, anyone who donates $100+ will receive an invite to ANW’s Re-Opening Party this Fall!

Raise Your Paddle

Please note that this page is being updated manually by ANW’s Development staff; your donation will be added as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thank you!


Karen & Larry Samuels Melinda Peters Fred Manaster
Joyce A. White Chuck Varela Amish Patel
Catherine Minihan Stephanie Orr Molly Kaplan
Deborah Strang Craig Gilmore & David Crocker Vince Beggs
Christopher & Elizabeth Orndorff Betsy Ulf Julia Rodriguez-Elliott & Geoff Elliott
Debra Lubeski Diane Glatt & David Holtz Richard Sheehan & David Clarke
Peter & Molly Bachmann William & Mary Coman Pirjo Tjomsland
Eve & Joel Riley Bernadine Bednarz Chris Otsuki
Jennifer Diener Kristen Kruchowski Lorene Kruchowski
Dick & Sally Roberts Sheila & Alan Lamson Meg Huntington Cajero and Channa Cajero
Jeffrey Erdman Fred & Sandy Engler Lyn Spector
Catherine and Michael Brown Michael Manuel Hope Chavez
Amanda Slawinski Tracey Davidson Denise & Ryan Jay
Stephen, Denise, Lillian Weeks – In Memory of Mary D. Weeks Patti E. Donovan In Honor of Bill Murray Joanne McPortland
Leni Boorstin Chad Smith and Bruce McCarthy In Honor of Sam and Orlando Christian James and Kathleen Drummy
Julie & Brian Daniels Patricia Libby Thvedt and Family – In Memory of Joel A. Thvedt Jim Kelly
Bob & Jeannine Hamill Janet and Harold Naideau Patricia Hoppe
Karyn Fish Mark Haddad & Miranda Johnson-Haddad Oliver Oertel & Meghan Schumacher
Diane and Tom Renfrow Fay & Bonnie Jacobs in Honor of Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba Chuck Richardson & Brian McEntee
Louise Moriarty in Honor of Terri Murray Frank Stark Martha Hunter in Memory of Donna Packer
Beth and George Elder Rose Chan & Warren Loui – in Honor of the Kays & Bachmanns Karen Kraus
Rosie & Charlie Kinoshita Nicki Heskin Armando Gonzalez & Brenda Berg
Ryan Naideau Richard & Karen Thompson Laural Hill
Lawrence & Patricia Sparks Elyse Klein David & Julia Zuckerman
Bruce & Valerie Merritt Jason King Cynthia Nunes & Barbara Nye – in Honor of Harriet Nye
Sam & Orlando Christian David Morris & William Hacker Peter & Molly Bachmann
Diana Peterson-More Tom Jacobson & Ramone Munoz Hank Baker & Jerry Arko
Tai-Ling Wong – In Memory of Ruth Wong Jan Sanders Molly Joseph
Ralph Goldstein & Barbara Comoe Carol & Richard Bennett Peter & Cathy Rosenberg
Anna Degtyareva Lynda L Flygar – In Memory of Dotty Lou Jim Farmer & Melissa Baker-Farmer
Albert Gasser Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba Sarah Dzida
Michael & Karen Rosenthal Elizabeth & Tom Polenzani Cindy Fong
Stephanie & Dennis Cohen Robert & Joan Cathcart Michelle Giffin
Emily Murray Dale Brown Jonathan Mersel
Stephen Kozuch Steve and Judy Bass Debra Lemonds
Rick Bernstein Jeff Levy Karen and Tom Bogaard



Thank you to the following patrons for purchasing tables and/or tickets to our Dinner on Stage event and donating those values back to the theatre after the event was cancelled.

Bill & Priscilla Kennedy Elizabeth & Rhodes Trussell Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba
Kathy & James Drummy Lyn Spector Sheila & Alan Lamson
Julie & Lance Markowitz Gail Samuel & William Christian  Terri Murray
Bill & Claire Bogaard Christine Sisley Diane Grohulski
Patrick Garcia Margaret H. Sedenquist James B. Kelly
Molly Joseph & Don Wallschlaeger Robert & Jennifer Israel Armando Gonzalez & Brenda Berg
Cynthia Nunes & Barbara Nye Robert Low Robert & Ann Ronus
Tom & Gloria Lang Jack & Becky Doody Margaret Bates
Julie & Brian Daniels David Holtz Jeanie & Terry Kay
Linda & George Cassady Barbara Goen Daniel Rothmuller
Diana Peterson-More Sandra Greenstein Louise Spillman
Nancy Macky    

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Please contact our Development staff if you need assistance making your contribution or navigating the Virtual Gala. Due to the coronavirus closure, our staff is working remotely and can be reached on their mobile devices:

Development Director, Patti Anne Miller: (817) 991-5594
Institutional Giving Manager, Zach Davidson: (303) 517-1529
Development Assistant, Cynthia Naideau: (631) 662-5080