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From Class to Stage! The Young Actors of A Christmas Carol

By A Noise Within
December 15, 2016

We have a fabulous team of young actors in this December’s A Christmas Carol and they all came straight from our youth acting program! We asked them about what they learned while taking our classes that prepared them for the show.acc-kids cast_1617_christiansamuel

Samuel Genghis Christian: 

“I learned how to find out what my character is like at certain times and how to act accordingly.”

Sam participated in Summer with Shakespeare and Young Actor’s Workshop.


cast_1617_pierceenlishrigelblueRigel Blue Pierce-English:

“I learned that scenes have meaning and having a feel for the scene helps the actor relate to the play better as a whole.”

Rigel participated in Summer with Shakespeare and First Stage.



Seven Pierce- English:

“I learned how to stay present in the scene and immersed in my character and the characters around it. I also learned how to understand my character in the context of the scene itself in order to make the scene as a whole more believable.”

Seven participated in Summer with Shakespeare and Teen Lab Intensive .


cast_1617_wooashlyn3Ashlyn Woo:

“When I came to the Summer Shakespeare camp program, it helped me know the stage and it helped me get familiar with the seating and stuff. What also helped was how to project my voice loud enough for everyone to hear.”

Ashlyn participated in Summer with Shakespeare.




Congrats to our acting class alumni!

See them on stage! A Christmas Carol is playing now – December 23! Click here for tickets!

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