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Virtual Streamed Productions


Streamed Readings

We are excited to offer two virtual readings of Shakespeare available for a limited time this spring! Bring the magic of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet into your classroom in these one-hour virtual readings that will bring the text to life for your students.

Contact the Education Department at to book a show!

Streamed readings are $75 per stream and includes a free downloadable study guide to use in your classroom!

Readings are available from March through April, so book soon!

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Filmed Productions

We have two professionally recorded productions for you to share the magic of theatre with your classes.

Alice in Wonderland and An Iliad will be filmed on A Noise Within’s stage and fully produced with professional technical elements (not through Zoom). Lights. Sound. Costumes. All of the gorgeous artistry that you know from our productions will be fully fleshed out in high-quality films of these two stage productions.

We are following strict COVID guidelines to bring these performances to you and ensure the health and safety of our actors and technicians. Learn more about our COVID safety plan for filming here.

Contact the Education Department at to book a show!

Educational Licenses are $135 and include a free downloadable study guide to use in your classroom! We are also offering in class virtual workshops!

An Iliad
By Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare
Based on Homer’s The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles
Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott

Streaming April 22 – May 16

The lone witness of an ancient and ravaged Trojan battlefield weaves a tale of tragedy and triumph, with an enduring love for every victim of war. The Poet, an eternal being tasked with a passionate examination of deadly conflict, grapples with grief and dualities of victory and loss, power and fragility, heroism and hubris in an unforgettable modern take on Homer’s classic. Choose between the powerful performances of Deborah Strang or Geoff Elliott in this one-person production.

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Alice in Wonderland
By Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus
Adapted from Lewis Carroll
Directed by Stephanie Shroyer

Streaming May 27 – June 20

Crash through the looking glass with Alice on her zany adventure to an upside-down magical dreamland where imagination defies reality and madness makes logic. Weaving a whimsical poem of hilarious and colorful eccentrics, Lewis Carroll’s fractured fairy tale creates a prism through which we can again experience the mystery and effervescent wonder of growing up.

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