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ANW COVID Safety Plan Update

Photo by Christopher Alvarez.

By A Noise Within
January 21, 2021

Dear Friends,

The wellness of our staff, crew, and artists are our top priority as we prepare our theatre to film our Spring 2021 productions. For months, we have developed extensive plans and procedures to keep our space and our people safe before and during filming. We are also looking farther into the future to make the facility as safe as possible for our audiences when we invite everyone for live performances once again.

In the meantime, so that you have an idea of our safety plan for Spring 2021 filming, we are sharing a sample of the methods we follow in accordance with public health guidelines.

Keeping Our Space Safe

  • We have conducted a deep clean of all the ducts in our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. We are also collaborating with an HVAC system engineer to program it for the optimal turnover of fresh air every hour. Our HVAC system already has UV bulbs and regularly replaced MERV-rated air filters in place to sanitize the air.
  • We will have 4 certified COVID compliance officers, including our Managing Director and General Manager. They will be reviewing daily symptom screening surveys before members come to the building, overseeing onsite COVID tests, administering twice-daily temperature checks, and ensuring that all members follow health guidelines.
  • During filming, every hour the COVID compliance officers will disinfect high-touch areas and everyone will disinfect their work area with products that have been tested to kill the virus. Everyone will also sanitize these same spaces every morning when they arrive and every evening when they leave.
  • Each day before filming, a cleaning crew will thoroughly disinfect the building using an electrostatic sprayer and other sanitization products.

Keeping Our People Safe

  • A mandatory full member review of our health and safety protocols will be held via Zoom prior to the first day of in-person work.
  • All members must limit interactions outside their household, and this will continue through pre-employment, employment, and off-hours.
  • Prior to the first day of work, all members must take 3 COVID-19 tests and provide results after each test no later than 48 hours after the test is administered. Members will take PCR tests on A Noise Within campus 3 times a week. PCR tests (a molecular test that tests for the presence of the virus) will be sent to a lab with results in 48 hours.
  • All members, including actors, will maintain at least six feet of social distancing onstage, backstage, and in hallways, bathrooms, and break areas. Every hour, members will wash their hands and sanitize their work area.
  • A Noise Within will provide all tests and necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including KN-95 masks, and we can provide N-95 masks upon request. Members will switch masks every 4 hours.

We are engaging in ongoing conversations with crew, staff, and artists to ensure that we hear all voices and make everyone feel as safe as possible. As we accommodate people’s health conditions and hold each other accountable to follow guidelines, we are doing our utmost to make our filming process a positive and healthy experience. 

Your safety as a future audience member and the safety of our casts, crews, and staff is at the top of our minds.

If you have questions about what else we’re doing to make A Noise Within safe, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Michael Bateman
Managing Director

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