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Support ANW Edu Scholarships

Support ANW Edu Scholarships

Renew your gift to provide funds to students and schools in need!

Dear ANW Edu supporters,

Earlier this summer, we began reaching out to our education partners to see what they needed from us this year, and they responded overwhelmingly with “flexible scholarship support.” Our Scholarship Fund covers program fees, tickets for students, and transportation subsidies so schools may attend no matter their budget. Given the extreme financial duress the pandemic has placed on schools, we anticipate a greater need for scholarships than ever before. These scholarships remove barriers to entry for students and schools in need, bringing them opportunities for exploring compassion, cultural experiences, and deep, joyful connections.

You see, a student’s education doesn’t just come from their class curriculum; it comes from being around their peers every day, sharing experiences, and growing together. It comes from Social Emotional Learning, a concept that is at the core of all ANW Edu programming. Social Emotional Learning helps students develop skills like empathy, leadership, and communication. As a result of the past year, our students have been deprived of the opportunity to develop these skills. This is where ANW’s Education Program comes in and how we serve our community. We encourage students to take risks, to support their peers, to see things from a different perspective, and to relate to the world around them. These concepts, critical to student development and success, lie at the heart of every Student Matinee, talkback, study guide, and workshop we put together.

We hope you will consider supporting A Noise Within’s Education Program this season. Normally, we set a goal for our Education Campaign, but we’re doing things a little differently this year: we are simply asking you to consider renewing your gift. If every supporter renews, it would allow us to offer double the number of scholarships at a time when our students, parents, and teachers need it the most.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your past support and consideration, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, Geoff Elliott, and Alicia Green
Co-Producing Artistic Directors and Director of Education and Community Outreach

Donate today

The scope of programming that ANW Edu is able to provide is endless – all thanks to your support! Your generous gift could provide:
  • discounted and free tickets for students
  • buses and travel reimbursements for schools in need
  • subsidized workshops with designers, actors, and crew
  • credentialed teaching artists who facilitate all of our in-school programming
  • professional development and free tickets for educators
  • Summer with Shakespeare camp scholarships
  • free educational materials such as study guides, scripts and other texts for classrooms
  • funding for our young adult council
  • sponsorship of our Shakespeare monologue festival
  • support for our Relaxed Performance
With your support, our reach can extend further than we ever imagined. Consider renewing your gift today and help us provide twice the amount of support we usually do to our ANW Education department.

Header photo by Brian Feinzimer.