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Spending Christmas with our Cast!

Marty Coha as a Cratchit Child in ANW's 2014 production of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Craig Schwartz.

By A Noise Within
December 16, 2015

After hearing patrons’ heartfelt comments about A Christmas Carol, we asked the cast to share a few words on what the show means to them.

Alison Elliott (Belle/Ensemble): The best part about being in the show is the fact that we as performers get the opportunity to interact with the fourth spirit of A Christmas Carol. The spirit I speak of is that of the audiences that come to see us. The post-show interactions are one of the many reasons why we keep coming back to this show every year. We get to all share in this beautiful and timeless classic both onstage and off. This makes the experience that much more rewarding!

Rigel Blue Pierce-English (Tiny Tim/Ensemble) and Deborah Strang (Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble) backstage. Photo by Taleen Shrikian.
Rigel Blue Pierce-English (Tiny Tim/Ensemble) and Deborah Strang (Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble) backstage. Photo by Taleen Shrikian.

Stephen Rockwell (Mr. Cratchit/Ensemble): The most exciting part of the show for me is that each year I get to work with a new Tiny Tim. While each one has been wonderful in his or her own way, I’m having a super time working with Rigel, who is beyond adorable and a consummate pro in every way

Rafael Goldstein (Fred/Ensemble): One of the most wonderful things about doing this show–especially at this time of year–is introducing it to a new generation of theatregoers. The look of wonder and joy on the faces in the audience, year after year, is a testament to the power of this story, and this production in particular. It is a rare pleasure for an actor to get the opportunity to live with a production, coming together with the same wonderful family of actors, bringing in new artists, revisiting and refining what you have built.

Taleen Shrikian (Fred’s Wife/Ensemble): One of my favorite parts of performing in the show is getting to talk to the kids who come to see it. A lot of them have never seen live theatre before, and it’s awesome to be reminded of the unique power and magic that watching a live performance can have for young audiences!

Jill Hill (Mrs. Cratchit/Ensemble): This is a show about transformation and hope, opening your heart to the possibility and grace of change…and the richness and reward that change and growth can bring to your life. Glorious! The play lets us see that the past had pain, but also beauty, that one can draw upon for the forward movement, and transformation, of one’s life. It also shows us that openness and giving of heart can bring such blessings, and human connectedness. When one reaches out a hand and gives a resource from one’s heart, miracles can happen, and lives can change…and, most often that of the giver. God bless us, everyone!

Ash Nichols (Stage Manager): I find the student matinees amazing. It’s remarkable how technical the kids’ questions are. They’re especially interested in how many people work behind the scenes, what they do–and of course, Jacob Marley’s chain and Christmas Past’s swing get lots of attention! It’s remarkable how this play sparks interest in both the story itself and in the art of stagecraft, especially for students who are visiting a theatre for the very first time.

Abubakr Ali (Ensemble): The performing of this show is a testament to what the holidays are all about. As all of us are parts of the multiple, visually stunning scenarios, as actors we need to be selfless and generous as members of this ensemble, to serve the greater purpose of changing Scrooge and telling this beautiful story.

Megan Farber (Ensemble): A Christmas Carol means so much to me because it has been such an amazing gift, getting to work with the incredible actors and crew, and to be spending this glorious holiday season with actors and audiences here at A Noise Within!

Mitchell Edmonds (Marley/Ensemble): I’m very happy to be presenting this beautiful story to so many new young people. I feel blessed to be working with such an extraordinary group of artists, especially at this time of the year.

See them on stage! A Christmas Carol runs until December 23rd. Click here for tickets.

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