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Share Your Story: Loretta Coha

By A Noise Within
September 21, 2016

loretta passholder

We took the opportunity to chat with one of our season pass holders, Loretta Coha, about what she loves about A Noise Within. Check out her responses below!

How (and when) did you discover ANW?

I discovered ANW when they started out many years ago in Glendale. I was living in Glendale at the time and had always been interested in theatre. I thought it was wonderful that there was a classical repertory company practically in my backyard.

What do you do for a living? I am a Psychologist.

Do you have a passion in life? My passion in life is my two beautiful children.

What made you want to be an ANW passholder?

I have always been interested in theatre and discovered that my son, at a very early age, clearly shared my passion. I reconnected with ANW at their new location in Pasadena a few years ago when my son participated in their Young Actor’s Workshop. I fell in love with their new venue and began attending one show, and then another – often with my son. At first I thought I would stick with the lighter fare, being particularly partial to Julia’s wonderful direction of some of the wildest comedy romps that I knew my son would also enjoy. We both loved A Flea in Her Ear! Then I started hearing about the other shows and was drawn in to the more dramatic plays. Soon I was purchasing tickets for those shows. I couldn’t stop at one or two and before I knew it I was seeing all the plays. It became obvious to me that it was silly of me not to become an ANW pass holder and have the benefits of being a subscriber as well.

Do you have a favorite experience here?

One of the unique appeals for me and for many is the fact that ANW is a repertory company. I find that I look forward to who in the company will be cast in which roles every season. And then, of course, to see the absolute range of acting, singing, and dialect skills is a delight. Such an impressive showcase of actors who often play widely divergent characters in overlapping show runs. In every way ANW provides a powerful theatre experience and that is why I keep coming back for more!

Has ANW ever done anything to surprise you?

I am delighted all the time by the way in which each show is creatively presented from staging to set design, costumes, and music. The set for All My Sons was so perfect and real. And A Christmas Carol always has so many creative, dramatic, and mood elements in it. There is always some fresh twist in ANW’s productions – an element of surprise that makes each show stand out.

What are you most excited for in 2016/17?

I am looking forward to ANW’s 2016/17 season celebrating their 25th anniversary. Knowing how they pull out the stops every season I can’t wait to see what is in store for this special year.

Thank you, Loretta!

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