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Donor Spotlight – Lyn Spector

By A Noise Within
February 7, 2023

As part of our ongoing series profiling the supporters who have made the work at A Noise Within possible, Director of Development Jim Miller spoke with Lyn Spector. Lyn is a former Board member and current member of our Planned Giving Bard’s Circle. We could think of no better person to make our Valentine’s Day Donor.

Jim – Hi Lyn. Thanks for talking with me today. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you find ANW?

Lyn My first experience was when they were still in Glendale. It was as much curiosity as it was seeing Shakespeare and the Classics. I was most impressed by this creative couple who had a dream and made that dream happen.

Jim – That is our Artistic Directors Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott. When was the first time you met Geoff and Julia?

Lyn – I met them when they were moving from Glendale to Pasadena. They asked me to help out with the move and the capital campaign. I have been on a number of Boards and Development committees so they asked me to help out with that. It was an absolute wonderful success.

Jim – You were on the board for a long time can you tell me about that experience?

Lyn – They asked me to be on the board. I was on the board and of course with Board rules for the maximum 9 years. It was wonderful. You have a group of dedicated people. Artistic people. Leaders who get down and roll up their sleeves and do what has to be done.

Resident Artist Rafael Goldstein with Lyn Spector.

Jim – How about the Resident Artists – can you tell me about some of your interactions with them?

Lyn – I have great friendship with Angela Calin. She is one of the costume designers. Incredibly talented woman. Wonderful. Every one of those people are artists. Rafael Goldstein used to be babysat by my neighbor across the way. So my relationship with him goes way back. Every one of those RA’s have been so gracious and kind. It is a family.

Jim – Do you have a favorite show that you have seen?

Lyn – I loved all of the shows. Man of La Mancha comes to mind first. Geoff was incredible. Every play has it’s own wonderfulness. Having lived through the development of the physical theatre – they would bring people in on a Sunday to tour the space. We would get together on the top floor. There would be the freeway and the sound of the cars because the walls had not been put up yet. It was being part of a birth, of the development of something that people had dreamed about. I’ll tell you Jim, that year they raised over ten million for the theatre was the year the market went into a downslide and the fact that they did it was a miracle in itself.

Jim – It was the help of people like you.

Lyn – Having that wonderful theatre shows that people with a goal and a willingness to make something happen can accomplish those goals.

Jim – The gala is coming up and in the past you have headed that effort – how important is it for the Education Program.

Lyn – The education program is incredibly wonderful. Those children that come to the theatre – it is the first time, sometimes the only time they come to live theatre. I remember growing up in Philadelphia and the first plays I saw – the magic of live theatre sticks with you. The gala is bringing people together. They have a good time and reach into their wallets to support this program which is one of the best.

Jim – Bard’s Circle is also important for ANW and you are a member.  Why did you decide to join the planned giving program at ANW?

Lyn – I think I have ten different orgs that all will reap the rewards of my work when I am gone. They are all educational. They all benefit the public. I think that is why you do it. To keep that dream going. To keep that education going. To keep those children aware of what lies ahead. Maybe even bring some of them into that world.

I hope that the patrons and the public will join me in recognizing the importance of ANW and take advantage of what it offers.

Jim – Thanks for your time today Lyn and for all of your support over the years.

If you’d like to learn more about Bard’s Circle, please click here or email Zach at

To donate to ANW, please click here.

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