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Share your story: Leap of Faith Subscriber Mary Coman

Mary and Bill Coman in the audience. Photo by Christopher Alvarez.

By A Noise Within
April 11, 2017

Mary and Bill Coman have been longtime passholders to A Noise Within, they both took a leap of faith and renewed their subscriptions early for the upcoming season. Read on to see what Mary loves about being a subscriber, and some of her favorite show memories. 

You are an early subscriber with us for our 17|18 season, what gave you the confidence to join us for next season before knowing what plays we plan to do?
We’ve been subscribers for over 23 years and have found the experience to be consistently engaging, on occasions challenging, and ever entertaining. A Noise Within is something that we do, so signing up blindly for 17|18 is, as they say, a no brainer. We find the INsider group an additional enhancement to our enjoyment

Do you have a tradition around seeing the shows?
We grab a meal at a nearby restaurant and then loiter in the Founders’ Balcony after the Symposium.

What is your favorite memory of seeing a play at ANW?
That’s like asking which of my children I like the best – I’ll share two. Attending the first production of Flea in Her Ear, I couldn’t help but notice a disconsolate high school kid staring bleakly into the distance prior to the play. Watching him double over in laughter later in the evening was a treat.

The night we attended Oedipus there was a group of high school kids borderline roughhousing, fist bumping and calling each other bro. In the climatic scene Robertson Dean entered from the back of the stage drenched in stage blood and sporting a loin cloth. Given the behavior the kids had demonstrated earlier in the evening, I internally cringed waiting for snorts and cat calls, [but] they just gasped along with the rest of the house.

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