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Sept 6: Our Flea takes flight!

Joshua Wolf Coleman, Elyse Mirto, Jonathan Bray, and Jill Hill in A Flea in Her Ear. Photo by Craig Schwartz.

By A Noise Within
May 20, 2015

As we prepare for our new season, we thought we would take the time to highlight each play, starting with Georges Feydeau’s A Flea in Her Ear.

There’s nothing sadder than a Frenchman with performance anxiety. Happily, there will be none of that at A Noise Within: our fall season kicks off with “the greatest of French farces.”  Expect zero anxiety–and a sexy comedy that rates a ten-plus when it comes to lovers and laughs!

“I couldn’t wait to do this play,” confides director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott “because I’ve loved it from the very first time I saw it back at ACT.  Frankly, there are funny shows-and then there’s A Flea in Her Ear. Every single element of farce is here in force! There are strange bedfellows here,” she continues, “but they’re all a source of naughty fun.”

Innuendo? Check. Impotence? Yes (though thankfully, short-lived). At the Hotel Frisky Puss, the rendezvous render the randy, then drive the jealous to extreme (and extremely funny) lengths. Aux armes! Guys and molls are on the prowl in this classic, but very modern-feeling, play.

Taboos are broken; hilarity ensues; and (spoiler alert!) in the end, so do order and marital bliss. But be prepared for a wild ride till we get there. Those who loved every fast-paced fling in Figaro and Tartuffe will surely cheer the pleasure palace that is A Flea in Her Ear!

For more information on Flea, please click here.

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