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External Forces:
Greek Tragedy travels to the 21st Century

Presented with Towne Street Theatre

May 21 at 1:30pm & 7:30pm | May 22 at 1:30pm

Experience a retelling of classic Greek tragedies through the lens of Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles’ premiere African-American Theatre Company. This production of short plays explores drama, humor, love, and loss spanning from the Civil War to modern-day America. Experience engaging, complex, and rich stories showcasing diverse and brave voices.

Housewife of Trachis by Dara Harper (Director – Veronica Thompson)

Queen of Sorrows by Madeline Puccioni (Director – Veronica Thompson)

Isabella Estrada by Tony Robinson (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)


The Fire Burns Brightly by Raymond Mitchell (Director – Veronica Thompson)

Juked by Mildred Inez Lewis (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)

Medea by Barbara White-Morgan (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)

Transition Chorus by RJ Wayne (Director – RJ Wayne)

All audience members must show proof of full vaccination. Masks are required. All audience members 18 and older must show photo ID. As of January 4, children ages 5 to 12 must show proof of full vaccination instead of a negative Covid test result. Learn more about our Covid safety policy.

artists + cast


  • Artistic Producing Director & Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis
  • Producer: Nancy Renee
  • Producer: Teressa Taylor
  • Producer & Director: Veronica Thompson
  • Stage Manager & Lighting Designer: Kristina Roth
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Kira Hoag
  • Sound Designer & Writer: Tony Robinson
  • Assistant Sound Designer: David Mac
  • Writer: Dara Harper
  • Writer: Mildred Inez Lewis
  • Writer: Raymond Mitchell
  • Writer: Madeline Puccioni
  • Writer: Barbara White Morgan


  • Actor: Melissa Kay Anderson
  • Actor: Amani Atkinson
  • Actor: Jacqueline Castañeda
  • Actor: Aron Cobbs
  • Actor: Shannon Foster
  • Actor: Justin Gubersky
  • Actor: Kira Hoag
  • Actor: Maricella Ibarra
  • Actor: Starina Johnson
  • Actor: Daphne Jones
  • Actor: Tamara Koltes
  • Actor: David Mac
  • Actor: Mack Miles
  • Actor: Alisa Murray
  • Actor: Twon Pope
  • Actor: Sha'quil Reeves
  • Actor: Skylar Silverlake
  • Actor: Teressa Taylor
  • Actor: RJ Wayne
  • Actor: Charlotte Williams