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Daring to Love

2022-2023 Season

2022-2023 Season: Daring to Love


Each day we are all given the chance to help or to hurt, to heal or to wound, to hate or to love. This year’s slate of classics will explore worlds inhabited by protagonists who Dare to Love. First up, Sir Peter Hall’s brilliant adaptation of George Orwell’s savage satire, Animal Farm. Driven by a desperate desire to escape the lash of the whip, a daring collective of farm animals unite in a risky bid to live and love on their own terms. Animal Farm will be followed by A Noise Within’s continued commitment to August Wilson’s “American Century Cycle.” Having produced the first installment of the cycle, (A Noise Within’s award-winning Gem of the Ocean in 2019) we now jump to the last, Radio Golf, as a successful businessman and mayoral candidate must choose between his love of community and a driving ambition.

Of course, December would not be the same without our critically acclaimed production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and never was the world more in need of loving forgiveness, healing, and transformation.

The spring opens with William Shakespeare’s famous comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, a wickedly witty battle of the sexes and the pure definition of daring to love, as Beatrice and Benedict adamantly ignore, and finally succumb to passionate and true devotion. Next up, Kiss of the Spider Woman by Tony Award® Winner Manuel Puig. Set in a South American prison cell, two polar opposites discover that love can manifest in the most unlikely of places. Closing out the spring season is a love letter to both William Shakespeare and a life in the theatre, with Lauren Gunderson’s hilarious and moving The Book of Will. Three years after the passing of The Bardand realizing most of his plays exist only in the fragile memories of aging actorsstalwart members of his acting company go through hell and high water to create what will become the first full collection of his plays.

Join us, and together we will Dare to Love!

Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott
Producing Artistic Directors 

Peter Hall’s ANIMAL FARM • August 28–October 2, 2022

From the book by
George Orwell
Adapted by Peter Hall
Lyrics by Adrian Mitchell
Music by Richard Peaslee
Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott

Pull the rings from your noses!
Tear the saddle from your back!
Bit and spur shall rust forever,
Cruel whips no more shall crack.

Revolt is afoot at Manor Farm, when downtrodden beasts of burden rise-up against the cruel Farmer Jones, who cracks his whip for the last time. But self-ruled animal utopia quickly gives way to the temptations of power and privilege in Peter Hall’s fast-moving musical adaptation of George Orwell’s savage satire.

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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August Wilson’s RADIO GOLF • October 16–November 13, 2022

Directed by Gregg T. Daniel

ANW’s exploration of Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson’s American Century Cycle jumps from its first play (Gem of the Ocean, produced by ANW as part of our 2019 season) to its last, as a Black mayoral candidate on the verge of the business breakthrough of a lifetime must choose between his integrity and a revered historical site. With humor and courage Radio Golf challenges the steep price “progress” can exact upon the soul.

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL • December 1–23, 2022

Adapted by Geoff Elliott
Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott & Geoff Elliott

ANW’s delightfully festive, musically merry holiday tradition returns with celebrated new music by resident artist Robert Oriol! Families love the inspirational story of Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge—the perfect burst of boundless good cheer for the season and beyond!

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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William Shakespeare’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING • February 5–March 12, 2023

Sworn to a life solo, Beatrice and Benedict are each determined to evade Cupid’s quiver of arrows, employing against one another rapier wit to defend against what everyone else already knows—that they are hopelessly, desperately in love! Romp, romance, and potential catastrophe collide in William Shakespeare’s fast-moving and irresistibly hilarious comedy.

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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Manuel Puig’s KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN • March 26–April 23, 2023

Directed by Michael Michetti

Set in a South American prison cell in a country under authoritarian rule, two polar opposites discover that love may spring in the most unlikely of places. Poignant and chilling, funny and sensual, Manuel Puig’s pinnacle creation runs the thrilling gamut of fantasy, danger and finallyeternal hope.

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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Lauren Gundersen’s THE BOOK OF WILL • May 7–June 11, 2023

Based on William Shakespeare’s plays
Written by Lauren Gundersen
Directed by Geoff Elliott &  Julia Rodriguez-Elliott

The year is 1619, three years since the death of William Shakespeare. His closest friends are struck with the epiphany that most of his plays exist only in the fragile memories of aging actors. Hence they become passionately determined to immortalize his work in what is to become the first printed collection of his plays. Lauren Gundersen’s love letter to The Bard and the world of theatre, revels in a comically outlandish but true story of love, loss, and laughter.

Single tickets on sale July 6.

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Header photo: Sydney A. Mason and Trisha Miller by Daniel Reichert.