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Can You Hear Me Now?

By A Noise Within
July 27, 2017

We asked you how we could improve your theatre experience and we listened; we are making it easier for you to hear our actors on stage! Thanks to the Pasadena Community Foundation’s Capital Grant Program, there will be no more hard hearing at a Noise Within thanks to our brand new Hearing Loop.


What is a hearing loop?

A hearing loop is a wiring system within our theatre that will take sound straight from the stage and deliver it into the listener’s hearing aid. To the listener, it sounds like the speaker is right in their head, as it essentially turns their hearing aids into wireless earphones that customize the sound for their hearing loss. All the listener has to do is switch their hearing aids to telecoil (or “T”) mode.

The Pasadena Community Foundation focuses on making the arts more accessible for the community and the hearing loop does exactly that; it will allow patrons with hearing aids to get a much clearer signal from the stage than they otherwise would.

While the hearing impaired will especially benefit from this new system, we have also upgraded our sound system to improve quality of sound for all audience members.

ANW Managing Director Michael Bateman is particularly excited about the hearing loop and explains how our audiences and our theatre will benefit from this new system.

“We do plays with Shakespearean language, we do plays with English accents and now more of our patrons will hear every word of our shows – it’s something we’re very proud to be able to offer.”

Watch this video to learn more about the OTOjoy hearing loop:

Come experience our new sound during the 2017/18 Repertory Season!

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