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A Summer of Magic

By A Noise Within
May 20, 2015

Can a camp be too much fun? Summer with Shakespeare‘s magic knows no bounds! Jeff Black, one-half of the Maestro and Magic team on board to teach at camp this year, shares some secrets.

Jeff BlackHow long have you practiced magic?

Over 10 years.

What kind of magic do you do?

Actually, I specialize in card magic–card artistry!

What sorts of tricks will you be teaching campers?

The campers will be taught all sorts of tricks: sleight of hand with cards, coins and everyday objects, mentalism (mind reading), comedy magic and anything else they show an interest in learning.

 How long does it take to master a bag of tricks?

Mastering a bag of tricks largely depends on each individual, weeks or months. It depends on the difficult level of the tricks, but learning magic principles is the most important part.

What kind of magic works well on stage?

Aside from large illusions (e.g., cutting a woman in half), stage magic can include sleight of hand, comedy magic, and mentalism and anything else that can captivate a large audience.

 Can even the youngest camper master a magic trick?

Yes, even the youngest camper can learn and master a trick. With a little practice they too can learn to make the impossible a reality.

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