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Words From Our Supporters: Part 3


By A Noise Within
August 25, 2020

The outpouring of love continues! Thank you for your encouragements and expressions of hope as our staff continues to work from home and light up ANW’s digital stage. We hope to see you all in person soon! In the meantime, we are so grateful for all your virtual hugs.

I hope you and the entire ANW team are doing reasonably well through all of this. Know that your artistry is missed beyond words. If you have a chance, please remind your colleagues of that truth.

I miss you all so much and can’t wait until we can all enjoy going to live theater once again. I know it will mean so much more when we do get back together after missing so much this year.

Most important is for all of our ANW people to stay healthy—and we’ll look forward to seeing you whenever!

I am so looking forward to being back in the theatre watching your incredible performances, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We are looking forward to seeing more of the excellent theatre that A Noise Within produces.

I hope you are doing well and keeping your chin up! This is going on entirely too long and I am sure you must be incredibly frustrated and missing everyone. Be careful out there and take good care.

My heart goes out to all of you during this shut down time. May life resume normalcy—and safety—by next spring.

So looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful plays in person once again.

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