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Which Subscription Pass Is Right for You?

Pictured: Geoff Elliott and Deborah Strang in 'A Christmas Carol'. Photo by Craig Scwhartz.

By A Noise Within
April 11, 2018

Is one show not enough to satisfy your theatrical needs?  We have good news for you!  We offer a variety of subscription passes so you can see any and all of our plays in our 2018-2019 Season “Let Me In.”  Not sure which pass is best for you?  Our subscription fairy godmother Deborah Strang has explained the perks of each pass, which are tailor-made for you to see what you want, when you want, and how you want.

YOU SAY: “My seats are what is most important to me, I want to see the entire season, and I want the same seats for each of my pass dates.


With PremierPass, you choose the day of the week or the series that best fits your needs. ANW will choose specific dates for you, but if you need to exchange, you can do so easily by calling or emailing the box office, and ANW service representatives will find you the best available seating. Renewing each year can be easy and automatic or you can opt to move to a different series. In addition, you get the best pass value per ticket.

  • PremierPass Deluxe is our most flexible premier series. You can exchange to any play, any day and will never have to pay any exchange upgrade fees. Deluxe series are for select Opening Nights, Saturday Evenings, or Saturday/Sunday matinees.
  • PremierPass Select is value priced and includes Thursday, Friday or Sunday evening performances. You can still upgrade to a Deluxe performance if your schedule requires it.
  • PremierPass Preview is our most economical pass and includes either a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or special Sunday matinee PREVIEW performance. See the play early in the run – before the press has even been there – and benefit from the lowest Premier Price. You can still upgrade to a Select or Deluxe performance as needed.

YOU SAY: “Flexibility is most important to me. I want to choose my own shows and dates. I know that every seat in the theatre is a good one, and I can be flexible about where I sit.”


With FlexPass, ANW will always find you the best available seats, or you can log into your account online and choose your own seats whenever you are ready to do so.

  • FlexPass Deluxe is the ultimate flexibility – 4 or 6 tickets to any play, any day, any way – no need to ever pay an upgrade exchange fee.
  • FlexPass Select – a great value – 4 or 6 tickets which can be mixed and matched for any Thursday, Friday or Sunday evening performance for any play, but with the ability to upgrade to a Deluxe performance if your schedule requires it.
  • FlexPass Preview – a super value – 4 or 6 tickets to any of our scheduled preview performances for any of our plays. (Previews just mean the press hasn’t reviewed the show yet, so the prices are the lowest!)

4 or 6 tickets to bring the young people in your life with you – age 17 and younger. We recommend age 10 and up for most of our productions – but check with the box office for specific shows, as some, like A Picture of Dorian Gray, will skew older, but A Christmas Carol will even delight your 5-year old.

A fantastic value for ages 18 to 35. A 4 or 6 ticket pass to choose any play, any day, any way.


Find out more about our 18|19 Season and order your subscription here.

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