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  • August Wilson's

    Seven Guitars

    By August Wilson

    In 1948 Pittsburgh, old friends gather to mourn the death of a young guitarist and his dream of stardom. This heartrending blues opera combines touching elegy, humor, and emotional grit as the characters strike their own notes in a discordant world that threatens their hopes and lives at every turn. Bursting with musical lyricism and courage, Wilson’s Pulitzer-nominated play continues his theatrical saga that richly captures the spirit and heritage…

  • Griot Theatre in Residence


    Presented by Griot Theatre

    A movie in the making: part theatre, part film set, join a live studio audience and witness a film being made onstage. In the spirit of Hamilton, get a glimpse behind the scenes as this play is turned into a feature film. Set in the Black Jack neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, during the early nineties, the play follows Heru as he arrives at the family home of his sometime-girlfriend, Khet….

  • Charles Dickens'

    A Christmas Carol

    Written by Charles Dickens

    Directed by Geoff Elliott & Julia Rodriguez-Elliott “Only a die-hard humbug could remain unmoved by so charming a yuletide treat.” – Los Angeles Times ANW’s delightfully festive, musically merry holiday tradition returns! Families love the inspirational story of Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge—the perfect burst of boundless good cheer for the season, and beyond! Proof of full vaccination and masks are required. Social distancing of one seat between parties available…

  • MKM Bollystars in Residence

    Rasa Kalaa: A Bharata Natyam Margam

    Presented by MKM Bollystars

    Come experience Rasa (essence/sentiment) in Kalaa (performing arts) through a traditional dance repertoire. Indian classical dance has historically been a form of theatre and dance in India. A Bharata Natyam (South Indian classical dance) “Margam” is a curated compilation of pieces that both entertain and elevate through an artistic experience of pure percussive dance and theatrical story-telling that embraces mythology, drama, and the human experience. In a Margam, a solo dancer performs numerous compositions, plays multiple characters, and…

  • Latina Christmas Special

    An American Comedy of Latina Proportions

    This Off-Broadway hit is a timely comedy about those of us who ride the edge between the culture of our immigrant parents and the culture of our home, America. Every ethnicity can relate to the feeling that their parents and families are a little “weird” (that’s a nice word) during the holidays when compared to the traditional American Christmases fed to us on TV. Three comedian friends: Sandra Valls (Showtime’s…

  • William Shakespeare’s

    All’s Well That Ends Well

    By William Shakespeare

    What’s a woman to do with a runaway groom? Hatch a scheme, of course. Roping in a fantastic cast of fools, romantics, and cynics, the clever Helen pursues the crusty Bertram in a clash of wits and deception. Capturing both a fairytale essence and human complexity, Shakespeare’s bittersweet comedy goes on a journey of forgiveness, hope, and love where you least expect it. Proof of full vaccination and masks are…

  • Nilo Cruz's

    Anna in the Tropics

    By Nilo Cruz

    Shimmering with passion and poetry, this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama weaves the tale of a Cuban-American cigar factory in 1929 Florida where cigars are still rolled by hand and “lectors” are employed to transport and inspire the workers as they toil on the factory floor. As a handsome and debonair new lector reads the words of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, the lives of the workers begin to parallel the novel. Old traditions and…

  • Mary Zimmerman’s


    Based on the Myths of Ovid

    Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott Primal storytelling and modern sensibility collide in a sensual re-envisioning of Greek myths, as gods and mortals alike endure love, loss, and transformation—all while immersed in a pool of water on stage. Swirling with passion, Mary Zimmerman (author of ANW’s award-winning Argonautika) creates this Tony Award®-nominated masterpiece that mesmerizes with tales of Midas, Orpheus, Aphrodite, and more in a whimsical and heartbreaking meditation on the joys and…