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  • Sam Shepard's

    Buried Child

    By Sam Shepard

    Set in America’s heartland, Sam Shepard’s powerful Pulitzer Prize-winning play details, with shocking hilarity, the disintegration of the American Dream. When 22-year-old Vince unexpectedly shows up at the family farm with his girlfriend Shelly, no one recognizes him. So begins the unraveling of dark secrets. A surprisingly funny look at disillusionment and morality, Shepard’s masterpiece is the family reunion no one anticipated.

  • Charles Dickens'

    A Christmas Carol

    Written by Charles Dickens

    Directed by Geoff Elliott & Julia Rodriguez-Elliott “Only a die-hard humbug could remain unmoved by so charming a yuletide treat.” – Los Angeles Times ANW’s delightfully festive, musically merry holiday tradition returns! Families love the inspirational story of Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge—the perfect burst of boundless good cheer for the season, and beyond!

  • Room By The Sea

    Every day, the boy in the wheelchair sits on a ledge and dreams of flight, while his architect father frets about their future. That is, until the king of their small island nation makes the architect an offer: he will make the architect’s son comfortable and wealthy for the rest of his days. And in return, all the architect must do is complete one last job. The project? To create…

  • Latina Christmas Special

    An American Comedy of Latina Proportions

    A timely comedy about those of us who ride the edge between the culture of our immigrant parents and the culture of our home, America. Every ethnicity can relate to the feeling that their parents and families are a little “weird” (that’s a nice word) during the holidays when compared to the traditional American Christmases fed to us on TV. Three comedian friends: Sandra Valls (Showtime’s “Latin Divas of Comedy”),…

  • Wicked Lit

    Staged Readings

    Staged readings of three chilling classic stories: From Beyond, adapted by Trey Nichols, from the story by H.P. Lovecraft, directed by Shaina Rosenthal The Unholy Sisters, by Susannah Myrvold, inspired by “The Malleus Maleficarum” by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, directed by Paul Millet The Grove of Rashomon, adapted by Jonathan Josephson, from the short story “In A Grove” by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, directed by Darrell Kunitomi Stories of darkness and horror are as old humanity,…

  • Ballad

    In order to make sense of the violence that seems to follow them wherever they go, a young, single mom teaches her daughter a murder ballad that was passed down to her from her own mother about a monster that can climb inside of anyone and make them “bad.” Told in a non-linear structure with interwoven songs, Ballad explores the weight of generational trauma and how far people will go…

  • William Shakespeare's

    The Winter’s Tale

    By William Shakespeare

    King Leontes, consumed by unwarranted jealous rage, unleashes catastrophic violence upon his loved ones, shattering the royal family and plunging him into deep remorse. But bitter winter’s thaw ushers in a spring of regeneration and miraculous forgiveness in William Shakespeare’s celebrated romance.

  • Eva Le Gallienne & Florida Friebus'

    Alice in Wonderland

    By Eva Le Gallienne & Florida Friebus

    Directed by Stephanie Shroyer Crash through the looking glass with Alice on her zany adventure to an upside-down magical dreamland where imagination defies reality and madness makes logic. Weaving a dark and whimsical poem of colorful eccentrics, Lewis Carroll’s fractured fairy tale creates a prism through which we can again experience the mystery and effervescent wonder of growing up.

  • Sweeney Todd

    A Musical Thriller

    From an Adaptation by Christopher Bond Originally Directed On Broadway by Harold Prince Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick Originally Produced on Broadway by Richard Barr, Charles Woodward, Robert Fryer, Mary Lea Johnson, Martin Richards in Association with Dean and Judy Manos Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott With a dash of depravity and a brilliant score, this Tony Award®-winning musical thriller shocks the senses with savage comedy, stunning terror, and razor-sharp wit. Savor…