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  • Finjamos que soy feliz

    Teatro Clásico MX y Caracoles Teatro

    The practice of theater always occurs at a limit-point between its own historical past and its probable future. Ours is a piece by a group of artists who strive to give the classics contemporary meaning. Our texts come from a young writer, Ana Lucía Ramírez, and explore the questions we have been asking ourselves. The magical work of putting them on stage sheds light on possible answers, on a path…

  • Golden Tongues I: The King of Maricopa County

    By Mary Lyon Kamitaki

    The King of Maricopa County, by Mary Lyon Kamitaki, is an adaptation of Lope de Vega’s El castigo sin venganza (Punishment without Revenge). In present day Arizona, near the border with Mexico, the politically conservative sheriff is up for reelection. His daughter from a previous marriage and his new wife are brought together by destiny: a car collision far out in the Arizona desert, in the middle of a thunderstorm. Their…

  • Don Carlos: Prince of Asturias

    Oscar Emmanuel Fabela

    Set at the peak of the Spanish Inquisition, ‘Don Carlos: Prince of Asturias’ takes us to 16th-century Madrid: a world led by misogynistic patriarchy in which the one-sided view of religion and state ruled the world with fear tactics in attempts to cleanse the population. Don Carlos was heir to the Spanish throne after the most powerful king in Spain, King Phillip II, but Carlos’ physical deformities, personality anomalies, and…

  • Quijóteres Puppet Show

    Dragoncillo Puppet Troupe

    ¡Quijóteres! is a bilingual puppet theatre adaptation of Cervantes’ classic novel that aims to introduce young audiences, regardless of their familiarity with Spanish or the Golden Age, to the comic adventures and themes of the Quijote. Featuring “muppet-style” puppets on a unique, multi-functional traveling puppet stage, the show takes advantage of its imaginative puppet setting to emphasize the novel’s intensely comical depictions of the ridiculous, with all of the clashes…

  • Y es mayor dolor la ausencia que la muerte


    “Listen to me only with thine eyes, since your ears are so far from me, and the weeping of my pen  but a distant echo of pain. Since my rude voice cannot find you, let my mute pleas fall upon your deaf ears.” Grumelot presents a virtual experience that reflects on what it means to be free while in seclusion, and to achieve our most intimate connections at a distance….

  • Quijotes y Sanchos

    [los números imaginarios]

    Quijotes y Sanchos is a self-guided tour of Los Angeles. The experience begins at home, as participants receive their instructions. We invite you to see your own space through the eyes of Don Quijote and Sancho, to relive the events of the novel, and to cross the city as though it were the Spain of 1604… or the Tokyo of the late 20th century. Quijotes y Sanchos turns your place…

  • Golden Tongues II: The Woodingle Puppet Show

    Nov 14 - 1pm PST

    Julie Taiwo Oni’s riff on Miguel de Cervantes’ Retablo de las maravillas (The Marvelous Puppet Show) reimagines the anxieties around social and cultural belonging in the space of a rapidly gentrifying South LA. In The Woodingle Puppet Show with Host Mr. C, as Constructed by Mr. Asinine with Calculations and Articulations of the Genius Sort, Oni explores questions of Blackness, and the hoops people are willing to jump through to prove that…

  • Golden Tongues III: What We Pay For Likes

    By Inda Craig-Galván

    Inda Craig-Galván’s What We Pay For Likes transports the squabbling, reputation-obsessed aristocrats of Madrid from Juan Ruiz de Alarcón’s Los empeños de un engaño (translated by Diversifying the Classics as What We Owe Our Lies) to a Calabasas populated by influencers whose lives revolve around their brands and social media views. When a handsome stranger comes to town, their relationships IRL turn out to be much more complicated than their polished profiles…

  • Canciones de Olmedo

    Jóvenes Clásicos

    Canciones de Olmedo is a musical adaptation into concert form of Lope de Vega’s famous play The Knight of Olmedo. Our company, Jóvenes Clásicos, paints with language, just like a painter uses paint on canvas—our goal is to paint a scene for the audience’s delight. Our point of departure is the musicality of the verse, inherited from the epic verse and troubadour poetry of the Middle Ages. The Knight of…

  • The Courage to Right a Woman’s Wrongs

    By Ana Caro

    In a brand new translation One of the Spanish Golden Age’s most accomplished female playwrights, Ana Caro, presents a witty critique of society through the story of Leonor, a woman who sets out to find her one-time lover (Don Juan, naturally) and bring him to justice. The Courage to Right a Woman’s Wrongs is a comedy of wild intrigue and lively ingenuity in which Leonor crosses geographical boundaries and defies…