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Mercedes Dorame's

The Land Upon Which You Stand

April 18 – June 9, 2019

The Land Upon Which You Stand

Presented by Noise Now

An art exhibit by Mercedes Dorame

Curated by Canan Cem

Noise Now opens its second art exhibit in April with the work of Mercedes Dorame (Gabrielino-Tongva tribe) who uses photography as a way to explore, reimagine, and connect to her tribal culture and bring visibility to contemporary indigenous experience. The Tongva were the first people in what is now Los Angeles, and their territory covered the expanse from Malibu to San Bernardino to Aliso Creek. Dorame activates Tongva land using organic materials, such as sage, ochre, cinnamon, feathers, quartz, and the skins of coyotes and foxes to create moments of vitality. Using symbolic, ceremonial objects projected to be around 75,000 years old, Dorame has created a way for her ancestors who have been disturbed and unearthed by developers to ascend into the sky and rest once again.