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Boni B. Alvarez


September 12 at 7:30pm


Presented by ANW and Artists at Play

September 12 at 7:30pm

Marabella has been struggling to care for her newborn in her Pacoima apartment. When the baby’s father, Jason Ellis, suddenly loses his wife, Marabella sees an opportunity to return back to the affair she was forced to leave behind. She expects a warm welcome. Instead she encounters a home filled with rage and resentment. Before she can return to Jason’s arms, she must deal with the attractive young tutor and Jason’s two sons whom she once nannied. Playwright Boni Alvarez offers a contemporary adaptation of Medea that leads a multi-ethnic cast in a thrilling and highly provocative journey.

Content Advisory: This play contains strong language, and descriptions of violence and sexual acts.

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  • Playwright: Boni B. Alvarez
  • Director: Fran de Leon
  • Stage Manager: Isabella Gomez


  • Marabella Puro: Christine Corpuz 
  • Jason Ellis: James Leo Ryan 
  • Gordon Ellis: Daniel Rashid 
  • Leighton Ellis: Danny Breslin 
  • Dolly Hendricks: Mary Kate Wiles
  • Regina Wood: Geri-Nikole Love 
  • Fina del Torres: Crissy Guerrero
  • Valentina del Torres: Camila Ascencio 
  • Galina Petrova: Valerie Spencer 
  • Stage Directions: Julia Cho