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Meet Madeleine Emanuel!

By A Noise Within
June 11, 2015

Talk about a “homegrown talent”: ANW’s new Institutional Giving Associate, Madeleine Emanuel, saw her first Company production while sitting on her mother’s lap. (The play was Great Expectations—and yes, she was as scared as Pip in the first scene!)

The daughter of longtime subscribers, Madeleine saw “many a fine play” while growing up in Sierra Madre. After completing her BA in sociology and religious studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, she returned west to earn an MA in religion—ostensibly to teach Greek and Latin at the high-school level.

But a canvassing position with Grassroots Campaigns during grad school changed all that, as Madeleine “fell in love with the development field. I like being able to share my enthusiasm about the social and environmental causes I care about, especially on a one-on-one basis.”

After graduation, Madeleine joined the YWCA of the San Gabriel Valley as a development assistant. There, she participated in all phases of the field, from database management and grant writing to event planning and administration. Her goal at A Noise Within? “I’m looking forward to helping to increase both corporate and foundational giving by stressing the unique community programs and artistic achievements that make the Company such an important part of Pasadena’s—and, really, the region’s—arts scene.”

Little wonder that, as a nearly lifelong patron herself, Madeleine is looking forward to the fall season of plays. “On so many levels!” she admits. “Since I studied ancient Greek, I can’t wait to see the new adaptation of Antigone, which has always been one of my favorite plays. So I suppose the saying is true: all good things come to she who waits. It’s just one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be here at A Noise Within,” Madeleine shares.

“I’m also happy to be working with and learning from (development director) Libby Dye,” she confides “and have already started doing so. Even in my first week, I’ve had a much clearer glimpse of how the organization I’ve admired as a patron works from the inside, and it’s more than met my expectations. I’m looking forward to a great fall, and to the time ahead.”

As are we. Welcome, Madeleine!

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