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Common Core Standards

Did you know that A Noise Within is aligned with Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts? By participating in our ANW Education Program, your students are getting a strong foundation and deep exposure into several Common Core Standards. From attending a performance and participating in a post-show Q&A session to utilizing our in-depth study guides, the Common Core Standards are a part of the A Noise Within Education Program experience!

Students attending a performance at A Noise Within begin a process of analysis that supports their understanding of Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas from the Reading Standards in Literature. It is during this performance that they engage in their analysis of dialogue, author’s choices regarding story elements and setting, and point of view of characters. In addition, students begin to compare and analyze the live performance as it relates to their prior study of the play.

Standards addressed by Attending a Performance

The greatest application of the CCSS to the Post-Show Q&A process can be found in the Speaking and Listening Standards; however, the preparation the students receive to be versed in the play before the performance certainly address the Reading Literature Standards, and in some cases, the Language Standards.

Standards addressed by Participating in Q&A Session

The Study Guides are both comprehensive and useful to teachers and students, preparing them for an upcoming performance as well as deepening the learning and reflection after a performance. In the Study Guide, the Reading Standards from Literature and Informational Text as well as the Reading Standards from Literature are infused in the presentation and analysis of background information and scholarly articles. Here, students explore at literature and informational text in the context of addressing key ideas and details, learning characteristics of craft and structure, and integrating that knowledge and those ideas into a larger life context.

In addition, thoughtful questions and activities in the Study Guide help students apply and expand their learning. Information about the actual production students will experience at A Noise Within include highlights on various artistic staff from the production, allowing students to gain understanding and insight on careers in the arts and how each part of a play production helps to create the whole.