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One Play/One Community Residency

Who: Students grades K and up, led by ANW Theatre Artists.
What: An intensive partnership program between students and A Noise Within. Students meet with various members of ANW both at their school and at the theater to learn and practice theatre workshops, gain insight into what goes into a professional production and see a live theatrical performance.

Program Includes:

  • All students attend a performance
  • Pre-Show Discussion with directors, designers or actors in an all-school assembly
  • Post-Show Workshops (workshops to be developed around costuming, directing, character development, text work, etc.) for students to choose and attend at school after seeing the production

Objectives: Through this program, students will create a direct, lasting relationship with A Noise Within. Students will study the play in a hands-on way in order to gain a deeper understanding of how theatrical texts are translated from the page to the stage, having fun in the process! Additionally, attending and discussing a professional production of the same show will strengthen students’ critical and analytical skills while offering them insights about the text.

Workshop Outlines (1-hour each)

Character Development

  • Telling the story through Movement
  • Discuss Past, Present and Future
  • How to develop each character
    • Movement based activities: finding your character through movement
    • How does movement affect us? How can we create a character without using words?
  • What does the text give you to support your acting choices?
  • Acting/movement exercises and scene work

Importance of Research

  • How does research and historical info/time period affect the actor?
  • How do you approach research?
  • Acting exercises and scene work
  • The Director and Environment
  • Working with resident actors
  • Looking at environment and how this informs a directors choices
  • Model examples with actors
  • Directing exercises from text

Telling Your Story

  • How do you create various worlds of a play?
    • Using your creativity create your story, write your vision
  • Discuss why and how this play (and others) can be set in multiple locations. How does the text inform us? How do we put it all together with sets and costumes?
  • Directing and writing exercises from text

Costume and Set Design

  • Hands-on drawing exercises
  • How to take a rendering from theory to reality
  • How to do a rendering, what needs to be included?

Sound Design

  • How to create a mood through music
  • Sound Effects-how to create and use
  • Bringing a text to life through music
  • Excerpt brought in, create a piece?