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Donor Letter: Julie Daniels

By A Noise Within
October 28, 2019

My relationship with A Noise Within began five years ago when my daughter earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by raising funds to send sixth graders from a local arts magnet school to a production of A Christmas Carol. I still remember the joy and excitement of the students as they entered the theater – for many it was the first time they had experienced a live theatrical performance. 

Today, as a board member and chair of the Education committee, I have the privilege to work alongside dedicated professionals like Alicia Green and Rebecca Wilson as they welcome thousands of students to the theater each year. As I lead students in pre-show activities and listen to their thoughtful post-show questions, I am reminded that the classics still resonate with young people today. Theater provides students with a safe space to explore the human condition – whether it’s jealousy and revenge in Shakespeare’s Othello or isolation and longing in Shelley’s Frankenstein

As arts programming in schools continues to be cut, I believe it’s imperative that we continue to support A Noise Within’s Education department in their mission to make dramatic literature accessible through live performance, teaching resources, and school workshops. Please consider making a donation today!

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