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Congratulations, Lucia!

By A Noise Within
November 3, 2017

Lucia’s art piece titled: Entertaining Courage

We are delighted to announce the winner of our student art competition, Lucia!

She is a 6th grade student at Holy Family School in South Pasadena, and has won a free field trip to the theatre with her class.

This is what she said about her piece:
“My idea was to create an artwork showing that courage can be many things and it can be found everywhere – and in places you wouldn’t expect. It comes from within and it can be found in darkness and in light.

“The way I split this art piece in half was to show that courage can be seen in different ways. I started thinking that the lion half was the courageous side but during the work, I came to realize that the human side has an inner courage. Courage isn’t always obvious – it can be hidden.

“Strangely, I found that I Had to have courage to complete this art piece – I decided to use pastels – a medium I don’t normally work with. Courage gives us the strength and ability to complete difficult tasks. We all need to have courage and it is in us… we just have to let it come out.”

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