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Tim Neighbors,
Invisible Harness

2020-2021 Season: Editor, An Iliad, Alice in Wonderland

Through his company, Invisible Harness, Tim has produced/edited many show trailers and other promotional videos for ANW and other theatres, including the trailers for Argonautika (ANW), Man of La Mancha (ANW), Allegiance (East West Players, George Takei), Hair, Bloodrock, and In a Booth at Chasen’s.

Prior to specializing in video for the performing arts, Tim did work for  MTV, 5.1 Entertainment, The American Music Awards, The Oscars, assorted reality shows (“Human Wrecking Ball”, “Solitary”, “Urban Jungle”, “I know who you are”), feature films (“American Crude” [Rob Schneider, Ron Livingston, Michael Clarke Duncan], “Day of the Dead Contagium”), produced his own feature length documentary and several music videos, has directed hundreds of multi-cam video shoots including performances by Devo, Cold War Kids, Beth Orton, Andrew WK, and has worked on many video projects for companies that include LA Fitness, Dermalogica, NASA, LA Arch Diocese, Dove, Starburst, Loyola Marymount University, Good Morning America, Grandtag Madison, usually serving as a Director of Photography and editor. He holds a BA in Digital Media Arts with an emphasis in Television Arts and a minor in Music.