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Katie Rodriguez, She/Her


2021-2022 Season: Marela, Anna in the Tropics

Previous Seasons: Emilia/Dance Captain; Perdita u/s,  The Winter’s Tale; Ensemble, A Christmas Carol; Gretel/Ensemble, Frankenstein; Medea/Dryope/Woman of Lemnos u/s, Argonautika; Ensemble, A Christmas Carol; Ophelia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

ELSEWHERE: The Diary of Anne Frank (BroadwayWorld nomination), When We Were Young and Unafraid (Mary Anne), Brighton Beach Memoirs (Laurie), Dog Sees God (Van’s Sister), Hamlet (Osric/Ensemble), Alice in Wonderland(Dormouse/Ensemble).

EDUCATION: BFA, Acting—AMDA. Improv: The Groundlings. For Abu, Lita and Grandpa – te quiero! •