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An April 1st Announcement

By A Noise Within
April 1, 2017

A Noise Within’s 2017-17 Season: When Worlds Collide

You Never Can Tell the Maids (September 3-November 19, 2017)

::: 19th century spring break with mom and murder :::

At an idyllic seaside resort, mischievous twins rile up their matronly mother in search of their father’s identity; a dentist behind on his rent eyes the matron’s other daughter; and two maids join the staff. Suddenly, the dentist’s landlord is found MURDERED, and the characters spend an inordinate amount of time making tea. Then the whips come out, and it gets weird.

Six Characters in Search of Arcadia (September 17-November 11, 2017)

::: Arcadia, Arcadia, or Arcadia? :::

In this epic absurdist tale, six denizens from East Foothill in search of the town Arcadia stop for shelter at a mysterious theater – only to find a group of high school students from Arcadia High School watching the play Arcadia. Is this the Arcadia they were looking for all along, or something much greater?

Ah, Romeo! (October 8-November 18, 2017)

::: Love is pure as long as your family approves! :::

In this gentle comedy about youth, love, and family (set in the halcyon days before meeting Juliet) a young Romeo finds solace in poetry, literature, music – and ladies of ill repute at the local watering hole. While Lord Montague is at first wary of his son’s infatuation with edgy literature, the experience brings the family closer, reminding us that youth is only ever young once, right is always right (except when it isn’t), and Romeo’s life was once a wicked opportunity.

A Lear in Her Ear (December 1-23, 2017)

::: Lear and Leering at the Frisky Puss :::

After banishing his daughter Cordelia to France, King Lear moves to Paris to reconcile with her only to fall in love and marry a new queen. An incriminating note from the Frisky Puss Hotel sets Lear off on a chase to find out if his new wife is cheating on him! You thought it was wacky the first time through? Wait until Lear totters through.

Twelve Nights and Pericles (February 12-May 6, 2018)

::: A gender bending comedy force! :::

Before meeting Thaisa, Pericles had a whirlwind romance with a mysterious Viola who swept through with the force of a hurricane. As quickly as it started, Pericles’s infatuation implodes when it turns out Viola is in fact a fierce, avant-garde, couture-wearing drag queen named Sebastian!

The Imaginary Antigone (March 5-May 20, 2018)

In the aftermath of World War II, the elderly Argan is dead-set on marrying off his daughter Antigone to an absurd (but wealthy) young doctor, even though she has already promised herself to a tragically romantic soldier-turned-music-teacher named Haemon. Argan, Antigone, and their witty maid engage in a battle of wills that will leave you questioning who is right, who is funny, and who actually survived the war.

Hamlet of La Mancha (March 26 – May 21, 2018)

::: To sing, or not to sing? :::

With a million dollar prize on the line, Cervantes and his faithful sidekick, Sancho, team up to transform Hamlet into the perfect teenage heartthrob to win a reality singing competition. Will they succeed in overcoming Hamlet’s doom and gloom insecurities, or will their ultimate production be a huge flop??

Happy April Fools’ Day! Did we fool you? Our staff and interns had a great time putting this ‘season’ together while Geoff and Julia take care of the real titles.

Don’t worry, our 2017-18 Season will still be announced on Tuesday, April 18th! Please stay tuned for details. Until then, make sure to secure your seats for this Spring’s productions of King Lear, Ah, Wilderness!, and Man of La Mancha (because they won’t be back next year)!

– xoxo ANW staff & interns

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