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ANW Staff Update From Home

By A Noise Within
April 28, 2020

Our staff may not be inside our building right now, but we are still working hard to bring you the delights of theatre in innovative ways! But what do we do when we’re not working from home? Today, you can discover how the members of the ANW family have been doing during the quarantine. How are we keeping busy? What do we miss most and what are we most excited for when we come back? What are we watching and reading to fill the artistic void?
Alicia Green, Director of Education and Community Outreach
I miss collaboration and being in a theatre full of kids experiencing theatre for the first time and the magic on their faces as they are mesmerized and emotionally affected by what’s on stage.  I also miss being in the theatre and being transported to a whole new world.
Watching so much trashy TV and dystopian movies, walking my dogs WAY more than they want or need and eating all the cheese and homemade cookies while snuggling with my husband.
Cynthia Naideau, Development Assistant
I am working on too many things (as per usual)! Aside from our busy life in Development, I am working hard to finish my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration and Museum Leadership. This is my final quarter with the program and I am just about to turn in my thesis at the end of May, which studies environmental sustainability within visual arts organizations. After my program concludes and the pandemic is over, I will be doing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (it has been postponed twice already due to the c-virus ☹ )! I’m never not busy.
Owyn Cooper, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
While I miss exploring Los Angeles and Pasadena and meeting people, I have been able to find ways to keep myself busy at home. My roommates and I are ticking off a major Binge-Watch List using our streaming services, and to center myself, I’ve been working on cross-stitching. I’m also a big hockey fan, so I’ve been rewatching highlights of this season so far. I look forward to seeing you at all at our performances as soon as we can.
Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx, Director of Cultural Programming
I’m reading A LOT – at least one play per day. Here’s a photo of my current reading list – books I’ve pulled from my library and put in my queue. I’m staying with my parents and sister currently – helping with groceries and other errands – which is resulting a ton of quality time with the family. I’m also taking this time to pause, focus on my priorities, and create a vision for what I want my life to look like once this all ends and we can get back to action!
Eric Pargac, Marketing Director
My wife and I have set up a work station in the bedroom. Our 16-month-old, Tristan, likes to tap on the door every hour or two so he can come in and “email” with daddy, which is basically mashing buttons on the computer for as long as daddy will let him. If you missed it, Tristan’s also gotten in on the marketing action by helping daddy with a little video for our virtual gala.
Bridgette Ramirez, Senior Editorial and Marketing Coordinator
Let’s see… Netflix. Disney+. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Other than that, I’ve spent my time re-reading my favorite book series The Chronicles of Narnia, hosting virtual Bible studies, working on personal writing projects, and video chatting with friends – including ones that I hadn’t had time to catch up with before. I’ve also gotten back into drawing, which I haven’t done in years!
Since my dad is also working from home, we’ve been enjoying his amazing cooking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks, you name it! I don’t miss eating out as much as I thought I would, which is a big deal for this foodie to say.
Alice Thompson, Finance Manager
I have been thoroughly enjoying my hobbies which turns out are all home based things ? in addition to extreme Netflix/Hulu/streaming consumption, I have completed 3 1000 piece puzzles with 2 more in the pipeline. I have also been reading a lot – I have a habit of starting multiple books at once so attached are a stack of things I’m currently reading or plan to read. (That top one is Murder On the Orient Express). Also a couple cook books that I’ve been leaning on for inspiration. I also have been doing lots of crocheting! Here are a couple baby blankets I’ve done and I just started another regular sized one that’s a darker purple. (Also a cute photo of my sister’s dog with the first small one I did that I gave to him for his crate ?). I started crocheting a couple years ago just as something to do with my hands while watching movies and it has quickly turned into an awesome hobby that leaves me with great gifts and small money maker!

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