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  • A Noise Within

    You Are What You Wear: The Costumes of King Lear

    Costumes have a major impact on not only the way we as audience members see characters on stage, but often the way actors themselves see and feel their characters.  Learn more about our costumes from the past 25 years at our Costume Runway show on July 18th. Hear behind the scenes stories, watch our resident artists…

  • A Noise Within

    25th Anniversary Gala Recap

    On Saturday, April 29, A Noise Within held our 25th Anniversary Gala at the California Club. Months of work were dedicated to creating a night celebrating decades of creativity and storytelling on the stage. It was a night paying homage to ANW’s supporters, recognizing brilliant artists, and ensuring the continuity of our education programming.  Our 25th Anniversary Gala…

  • A Noise Within

    Translating Theatre: Your guide to stage-lingo

    Theatre language can be daunting for even the experienced theatre-goer. A comprehensive Theatre to English Dictionary does not yet exist, so in the meantime, we offer a few translations from behind the scenes to help you feel more prepared and in-the-know the next time you’re at ANW. 1. Vom. Now we know what you are…

  • A Noise Within

    Storytelling and Arts in Prison

    At A Noise Within, an important part of our work involves engagement with community organizations whose values align with our own. In setting our production of Man of La Mancha in a modern-day prison facility, director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott hoped to showcase the transforming effect storytelling can have on the lives of prisoners. This spring we developed partnerships…

  • A Noise Within

    Asked and Answered: King Lear Projections

    We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite questions from the post-show surveys about the projections in King Lear, and asked our projection designer Dave Mickey to tell us about the design process and how the visuals came together. What was the design process like? It was a collaboration among Julia, Fred (Kinney, scenic designer) and me. I was brought in…

  • A Noise Within

    Share your story: Leap of Faith Subscriber Mary Coman

    Mary and Bill Coman have been longtime passholders to A Noise Within, they both took a leap of faith and renewed their subscriptions early for the upcoming season. Read on to see what Mary loves about being a subscriber, and some of her favorite show memories.  You are an early subscriber with us for our 17|18 season,…

  • A Noise Within

    Asked and Answered: Ah, Wilderness!

    We always get amazing responses from you in our post-show surveys! With the season in full swing, we thought it would be a perfect time to have our Ah, Wilderness! cast answer some of your questions.  How did your understanding of O’Neill influence your character? Alan Blumenfeld (Sid Davis): Ah, Wilderness! is O’Neill’s idealized vision of what he wished his…

  • A Noise Within

    Are you ready for The Great Escape?

    Coming your way Apr 22 & May 6 Same set. Same actors. Same artistic vision. Different Stories: Find out who, what, why, and how. Director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott invites you to a meal with the casts of King Lear and Man of La Mancha to discover the thematic similarties between the two plays. Learn why (and…

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