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About Rotating Repertory

A Noise Within’s rotating repertory model allows performing artists to hone their skills while building a strong community around their work. Directors, actors, designers, and theatre technicians who practice in this tradition collaborate intensively over many years rather than working short runs in continually changing venues. The tradition of true rotating repertory theatre simply means that several productions alternate performances every few days during a fall and spring season. Producing Artistic Directors Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott are committed to this model because it serves both the company and the audience.When possible, actors and designers are given the opportunity to participate in more than one production per fall or spring season. This creates a kind of artistic muscularity due to the skills required to juggle completely different worlds, approach different time periods and styles, and work with different directors. In the end, the compressed time period and exposure to contrasting productions raises the stock of every actor and designer.

Likewise, true rotating repertory theatre gives audience members, over the course of one week, the opportunity to see three completely different classic plays. Different playwrights, time periods, directors, designers, and cast allow the audience to compare worlds, styles, and themes. They are also given the opportunity to witness the transformational artistry of A Noise Within’s resident acting company.