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  • A Noise Within

    Meet Jorge & Lupe Uribe

    What’s it like to be a part of A Noise Within’s theatre family? To find out, we sat down with long-time ANW season passholders, Jorge and Lupe Uribe, to chat about their experiences supporting our theatre since the very beginning. How did you first hear about A Noise Within? Lupe: A mailing arrived to our home,…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Behind the Scenes of the Alice Photoshoot

    How do you make it look like you’re falling when you’re not actually falling? Resident Artist Erika Soto was game to find out in our Alice in Wonderland photoshoot. Paired with a high stool and a couple of hairdryers, she channeled her imagination (and a lot of core strength training) to create the illusion of…

  • A Noise Within

    First Rehearsal Recap: The Winter’s Tale

    “Does not the stone rebuke me for being more stone than it?” – The Winter’s Tale, Act V Scene III Our production of The Winter’s Tale streamlines to the core story of Leontes, who transforms from an egocentric paranoid king who builds monuments to himself, to a humbled man who wants nothing more than reconciliation. At…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Behind the Scenes of The Winter’s Tale Photoshoot

    Is there a more fantastical transformation than breathing life into a statue? Thanks to the expert touch of our hair and make-up designer Shannon Hutchins, we sprinkled a bit of magic on our two leads – Resident Artist Frederick Stuart as King Leontes and Trisha Miller as Queen Hermione – to turn them into living…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Meet the New Ghost of Christmas Past

    Trisha Miller has joined our annual A Christmas Carol for the first time ever this year as our Ghost of Christmas Past. Get a fresh perspective on our classic production of a classic holiday fable and read our Q&A with her below! What about the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past appeals to you…

  • A Noise Within

    Insiders Recap: Buried Child

    Written by Rebecca Wilson For our final Insiders event of 2019, we were honored and excited to have Benjamin Weiss, of USC, as our speaker, and Angela Gulner, our very own Shelly, as our guest actor. The evening began as we shuffled in from the rain to the cozy confines of the conference room. Warming…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Q&A with Michael Manuel

    Michael Manuel has taken our stage by storm in several of our recent productions, and today he is talking about his current role as Tilden – the eldest son of the bizarrely familiar family unit in Buried Child. Get his insight as an actor and a prominent character in Sam Shepard’s shockingly raw and fiercely…

  • A Noise Within

    August Wilson’s American Century Cycle

    After the Roman Empire fell in the 600s CE, theatre all but disappeared. What was once a celebrated and communal artform in ancient Greek and Roman societies, theatrical storytelling largely fell out of practice. However, around the year 1000 CE, theatre started to make a comeback. However, the artform had changed. No longer was theatre…

  • A Noise Within

    Donor Letter: Julie Daniels

    My relationship with A Noise Within began five years ago when my daughter earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by raising funds to send sixth graders from a local arts magnet school to a production of A Christmas Carol. I still remember the joy and excitement of the students as they entered the theater –…

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