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  • A Noise Within

    Q&A with The Glass Menagerie Lighting Designer Ken Booth

    Lighting plays a big role in Tennessee Williams’ original vision for his memory play, evoking how memories fade around the edges and shift with the passing of time. Resident Artist Ken Booth talks about how he is combining his vision with Williams’ in the lighting design of The Glass Menagerie. What attracted you to The Glass Menagerie?…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Argonautika First Rehearsal Recap

    All aboard the Argo! Our largest cast of the spring season gathered together for the first time with our captain Julia Rodriguez-Elliott and her crew of designers for Argonautika: The Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts. Julia Rodriguez-Elliott opened first rehearsal by sharing her love for the play, which she considered a fairy tale for adults…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Celebrate Black History Month: Ira Aldridge as Othello

    Black History Month celebrates black culture, black power, and black legacy throughout our world history, whether it be in politics or in literature or in the arts. With our production of Othello, the Shakespearean tragedy of a black male protagonist, now opening on our stage, we wanted to recognize the legacy of artists of color…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Q&A with Deborah Strang: Looking Back on The Glass Menagerie

    This is not the first time that Resident Artist Deborah Strang has assumed the role of our fearless matriarch Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie. A Noise Within staged the production over twenty years ago, and now we’re re-living the memory with Deborah as she reminisces about her past experience and talks about what’s new in…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Behind the Scenes: Our Spring Season Photo Shoots

    Get sneak peeks to our spring lineup! Come behind the scenes with us for our three photo shoots and explore the the preliminary visions of Othello, The Glass Menagerie, and Argonautika, and learn how they will translate to the live stage. Thwarted love erupts tenfold in Shakespeare’s visceral, intimate tragedy of Othello – tearing apart friends, partners, lovers – and…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    The Glass Menagerie First Rehearsal Recap

    Compared to the loud, boisterous activity of the large cast of new faces in Othello, the first rehearsal with the cast of four in The Glass Menagerie is smaller and quieter, but no less energized. Resident Artists Deborah Strang, Rafael Goldstein, Erika Soto, and Kasey Mahaffy have worked with each other for several years at A Noise…

  • A Noise Within

    Jessica Kubzansky’s Director’s Note for Othello

    For me, Othello is a story about the terrible power of love when it is thwarted. For all its broader social and political messages, this play is also a small, deeply personal story about two men who have battled together, have had each other’s backs, and have been brothers through the wars together. It is…

  • Bridgette Ramirez

    Othello’s First Rehearsal Recap

    We loved kicking off the spring with the first rehearsal of Othello! The rehearsal room, quietly dim for several weeks, was soon filled to the brim – actors being measured for costumes, the walls strewn with costume sketches and inspiration photos, and designers adding finishing touches to their presentations. Now, we can give you the…

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