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Class Offerings

Acting with Jessica Winward 
This class harnesses the students’ innovation and creativity while simultaneously familiarizing them with Shakespeare’s texts. Participants will learn classical acting fundamentals and how to apply them to the text. Techniques include: Character creation, objectives and rhetoric.

Scene Study with McKenna Kerrigan and Tyee Tilghman
Scene Study is the examination of Shakespeare’s work through the exploration of specific scenes from a variety of plays. The students work on developing characters and relationships, creating a setting and utilizing the language to tell the story. The focus is on the acting process without regard for result.

Voice & Speech with Sophia Goldstein
Students explore breathing, vocal technique, and acting intention in order to ring the rafters with their rich, articulate, and expressive voices!

Masks with Sophie Goldstein
Mask work develops the spontaneity, physicality, and imaginations of young actors. Students explore the traditional Commedia dell’Arte archetypes, status, relationship, objectives and obstacles, and build to improvising around a theme. Participants will also design, build, and paint their own papier-mâché masks.

Text Analysis with Jeremy Rabb
Many times, when an actor reads Shakespeare, it can seem like a foreign language. In text analysis, students will learn the fundamentals of working with classical text by participating in “table-work,” putting the knowledge to use as they navigate the landscape of word, image, idea, thought, and story, both individually and in groups. The command over poetry of verse will aid them as they examine and perform sonnets, rhetoric, monologues, and scene, turning meaning to action.

Movement with Sophie Olson
Specifically designed to help students improve their physical coordination and spatial awareness, this class utilizes Meyerhold’s theories on stage movement through a select combination of biomechanics, yoga and beginning gymnastics. As students start to identify areas of tension within their own bodies, a wide variety of individual stretches and balances are introduced with advanced movement work consisting of partner balances, basic tumbling and emotional characterization through position and movement. Students will also get the chance to learn Elizabethan Dance!

Stage Combat with Shannon Michael Wamser
Stage Combat is one of the most important and delicate storytelling tools for performing artists. A great stage fight can be mesmerizing, a poorly executed one can nearly ruin a play or film. This class will focus on the technique and principles of using unarmed stage violence as a tool for storytelling on the stage or screen.

Swordplay with Justin Eick and Shannon Michael Wamser
Students will be introduced to the use of weapons for executing theatrical fight choreography. Students will use swords and learn to both parry and attack.

Magic with Jeff Black and Ryan Luévano of Maestro & Magic
Confidence, connection, and exploration are all pillars of this magic class. Professional magicians start every session by performing spectacular magic! Then the daily selection of effects appropriate for all ages are taught in detail and reviewed. Furthermore professional tips for performing on stage, improv games, and even costumes/props are used to enhance theatrics and imagination!

Improv with Gillian Bellinger and Jessica Winward
A fun and exciting introduction to the art of improv comedy that covers basic scene work, concepts, and vocabulary, such as “Yes, and”, listening, acceptance, and character. Through acting exercises and theatrical games in the style of Viola Spolin, students will learn improv fundamentals, create ensemble, hone creative energies, make new friends and laugh a lot too! No previous experience is needed. Promises to inspire and challenge every camper to help them develop a love and appreciation of improv and how they can continue to use those skills in other facets of acting.

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