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Student Matinees

Weekday Matinees for Student Groups

Student Matinees

Book Early!

Our weekday matinees especially for students sell out quickly. Your students will enjoy a full-length production, presented by the same professional cast as our regular performances, and a lively, post-show discussion with the artists. Prepare your students for the performance with classroom activities in our Study Guides. When ordering, be sure to ask about our Virtual Workshops & Residencies.

Student Matinee Performances may be added based on demand.

Questions? Contact Alicia Green

TICKETS: $18 (groups of 10 or more) + Handling Fee

Student Matinee Dates

Check here for upcoming student matinee dates.

Questions? Contact Alicia Green

Many of the students that visit A Noise Within have never before attended a live production. As a result, they are often unfamiliar with proper theatre etiquette. Before your field trip, please take the time to review the following document with your students: Theatre Etiquette for Student Matinees

Special thanks to our Virtual Gala and Education donors who keep the arts alive by supporting ANW’s many programs and initiatives! We thank you all!

Patti Amesbury
Peter & Molly Bachmann
Hank Baker & Jerry Arko
Melissa Baker-Farmer
Judy & Steve Bass
Stephen Bateman
Bernadine Bednarz
Vince Beggs
Robert & Claire Bellanti
Carol & Richard Bennett
Rick Bernstein
Bill & Claire Bogaard
Tom & Karen Bogaard
Leni & Jon Boorstin
Clark Branson
Joshua Braun
Dale Brown in memory of COVID-19 First Responders and in honor of Dr. Lorna Breen
Martha & Michael Brown
Jean Bruce Poole
Van Brunelle in honor of the actors at A Noise Within
Hal Bryman & Karin Cordry
Helen C. Burney, in memory of Kim Banks
Meg Huntington Cajero & Paul Cajero
Robert & Joan Cathcart
Cecilia C. Center
Rose Chan & Warren Loui in honor of the Kays & Bachmanns
Hope Chávez
Catherine Clark
Dennis Cohen
Bernice Colman in honor of Dick Roberts
William & Mary Coman
Angela Connor
Dale Alan Cooke
Julie & Brian Daniels
Tracey Davidson & Barry Greenberg in honor of Zach Davidson
Anna Degtyareva
Victoria Degtyareva & Michael Bateman
Jennifer Diener
Patti Murray Donovan in memory of Bill Murray
Kathleen & James Drummy
Sarah Dzida
Claudia Eaton in honor of Dick Roberts
Beth & George Elder
Geoff Elliott & Julia Rodriguez-Elliott
Fred & Sandy Engler
Jeffrey Erdman
Karyn Fish in honor of Terri Murray
Kirk Brattkus & Erica Fishman
Lynda L Flygar in memory of Dotty Lou
Cindy Fong
Sharon Frayer
Dawn I. Frazier
Jerry Gallagher
Patrick Garcia
Albert Gasser
Michele Giffin in memory of Boyd Smith
Craig Gilmore & David Crocker
Ralph Goldstein & Barbara Comoe
Armando Gonzalez & Brenda Berg
Dr. Richard R. Green
Lorraine Grindstaff
Diane Grohulski
Margaret Grossman
Heather & Paul Haaga
Larry Hall, in honor of Paulette Hall
Richard & Ruth Halverstadt
Bob Hamill
Susan Henry
Laural Hill
Diane Glatt & David Holtz
Dr. Patricia Hoppe
Martha Hunter in memory of Donna Packer
Mirta F. Isla
Robert & Jennifer Israel
Fay & Bonnie Jacobs in honor of Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Munoz
Ryan & Denise Jay in honor of Terri Murray
Ryan & Denise Jay
Nan & Bill Johnson in honor of Dr. Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Mark Haddad & Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Molly Joseph & Don Wallschlaeger
Thomas Kallay
Molly Kaplan in honor of Terri Murray
Jim Kelly
Victoria Kelly
William & Priscilla Kennedy
Zach Kenney
Jason King
James King
Rosie & Charlie Kinoshita
Elyse Klein in honor of Terri Murray
Elyse Klein
Stephen Kozuch in honor of Jay Lesiger
Karen Kraus
Kristen Kruchowski in honor of Terri Murray
Lorene Kruchowski in honor of Terri Murray
Alan M. & Sheila R. Lamson
Gloria & Tom Lang
Debra Lemonds
Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba
Jeff Levy
Patricia Libby Thvedt & Family in memory of Joel A. Thvedt
Deanna Lohse
Debra Lubeski in honor of Terri Murray
Cindy Macha
Ian & Alison MacKinnon
Fred Manaster
Michael Manuel
Julie & Lance Markowitz
Margaret L. Mathews
Laureen A. McCoy
Joanne K. McPortland in honor of Geoff Elliott & Julia Rodriguez Elliott
Bruce & Valerie Merritt
Jonathan Mersel
Susan Messina
Catherine & John Minihan
Louise Moriarty in honor of Terri Murray
David Morris & William Hacker
Laurie Mullikin
Emily Murray
Terri Murray
Janet & Harold Naideau
Ryan Naideau
Cynthia J. Nunes & Barbara Nye in memory of Harriet W. Nye
Oliver Oertel & Meghan Schumacher
Joyce & Robert Oltman
Christopher & Elizabeth Orndorff
Stephanie Orr in honor of Terri Murray
Chris Otsuki
Amish Patel in honor of Terri Murray
Melinda Peters in honor of Paul Cajero
Diana Peterson-More
Ms. Diana Peterson-More
Elizabeth & Tom Polenzani
Danielle Poulsen
Stephanie Prisk
Diane & Tom Renfrow
Chuck Richardson & Brian McEntee
Cruz Riley
Dr. Eve Riley
Richard & Sally Roberts
Peter & Cathy Rosenberg
Michael & Karen Rosenthal
Christopher Runco
Luis Samaniego
Gail Samuel & William Christian
Janet Samuel
Karen & Larry Samuels in honor of Paul Cajero
Jan Sanders
Margaret H. Sedenquist
Richard Sheehan & David Clarke
Laurie Silton
Christine Sisley
Amanda Slawinski
Mike & Peggy Sloan
Chad Smith & Bruce McCarthy in honor of Sam & Orlando Christian
Patricia & Lawrence Sparks
Kevin Speaks
Lyn Spector
Frank Stark in honor of Jay Lesiger
Carol Stone
Willard Stone
Deborah Strang
Gerry Szeman & David Pavot
Steve Tanner in honor of Terri Murray
Vickie & Alex Taylor
Karen & Richard Thompson
Pirjo Tjomsland
Michael Toman
Rhodes & Liz Trussell
Elizabeth & Rhodes Trussell
Betsy Ulf
Chuck Varela in honor of Terri Murray
Mike Vaughn
Marianne & Gary Wallace
Stephen, Denise, & Lillian Weeks in memory of Mary D. Weeks
Joyce A. White
Tai-Ling Wong in memory of Ruth Wong
Ava Wynne
Jan Yerkey
Joseph Yoshitomi
David & Julia Zuckerman