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  • A Noise Within

    Share your story: Jennifer McCreight

    We chatted with passholder, Jennifer McCreight. Jennifer and her husband, Shawn, have subscriptions for the whole family to our spring season. Read on to find out what Jennifer loves about A Noise Within.  This season, I see that you have two youth passes and two adult passes. Can you talk to me a little bit about who…

  • A Noise Within

    Share your story: Greg Alarcon

    Long time pass holder, Greg Alarcon, talks to us about why he and his family love their season passes and what makes shows at A Noise Within the perfect family tradition. This season, you purchased two adult passes and a youth pass! Who do you come to the theatre with? Our daughter, Polly, led us…

  • A Noise Within

    Share your story: Barbara Durham

    Barbara Durham is a longtime subscriber to A Noise Within (23 years!). We asked her about her favorite performances and what keeps her coming back. Thank you for sharing your story, Barbara! You’ve been attending ANW since 1993! What was the first play you saw? Do you remember anything in particular that’s stuck with you?…

  • A Noise Within

    Share Your Story: Loretta Coha

    We took the opportunity to chat with one of our season pass holders, Loretta Coha, about what she loves about A Noise Within. Check out her responses below! How (and when) did you discover ANW? I discovered ANW when they started out many years ago in Glendale. I was living in Glendale at the time…